CMCC Wagram, Paris

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14 rue Théodore de Banville - Paris - 75017 - (France)
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  • Renowned Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons (Dr. Pierre Bouhanna, Dr. Eric Bouhanna, Dr. Laura Azoulay, Dr. Barbara Lerhe, Dr Laura Azoulay, Dr Rosa Borhan and Dr Gilbert Amgar)
  • Center Director Lisa Bouhanna
  • Management of all pathologies of the hair and the scalp (alopecias, tumoral lesions, inflammatory diseases, etc.).


International patients:

  • The clinic team speaks French, English, Spanish


Hair Diagnosis:

  • Tricholab® digital trichoscopy
  • Trichogramma
  • Biopsy of the scalp
  • Trichoscale®

Hair Dermatology:

  • Treatment of hair and scalp pathologies: alopecia, tumoral lesions, inflammatory diseases (seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, lichen planar plane, frontal fibrosing alopecia, lupus erythematosus, etc.)
  • Treatment of androgenetic alopecia and other alopecia (telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, etc.)


Medical treatments:

  • Stem cells therapy: Rigenera® Capillary Mesograft (uses stem cells from the scalp)
  • PRP,  hair mesotherapy, microneedling
  • Light Therapy / LED
  • Medical dermopigmentation

Mesogreffe Rigenera®

PRP (Plasma rich in platelets)


Hair Surgery and Restorative Surgery:

  • men and women
  • caucasian hair, afro hair, asian hair
  • hair transplant, beard, eyebrows


a) FUE technique:

  • Extraction: with or without shaving, circular motorized micro-punch from 0.8 to 0.9 mm diameter
  • Implantation: Choi implanter (DHI)


b) FUT Technique (strip):

  • Transplantation without shaving (FUT long hair = FUL)
  • Long hair transplant from a strip (indicated in case of medium hair density, or low or no acceptance of shaving).
  • Implantation: Choi implanter and manual



HAIR DIAGNOSIS: 100€ / examination

HAIR DERMATOLOGY: 100€ / session


  • Rigenera® hair meso transplantation: 1,500€ for one session
  • PRP: 400€ / session
  • Mesotherapy / microneedling: from 150€  /session
  • Light therapy / LED: 100€ / session
  • Dermopigmentation: from 250€ per session


  • FUE (without shaving): from 4000€ for 1 session
  • FUE (with shaving of donor area): from 3500€ for 1 session
  • FUT long hair (without shaving): from 3500€ for 1 session
  • FUT (with shaving the donor area): from 3000€ for 1 session
Diagnosis (examen) 100 € - 100 €
Laser / LED therapy (séance) 100 € - 100 €
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) (séance) 400 € - 400 €
Mesotherapy (par séance) 150 € - 150 €
Rigenera Stem cells (séance) 1500 € - 1500 €
STRIP, hair transplant (à partir de) from 3000 €
STRIP long hair (à partir de ) from 3500 €
FUE, hair transplantation (à partir de ) from 3500 €
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