Dr Cruz-Dinis, Faro and Lisbon, Portugal

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Rua Ascensão Guimarães; 5B a 7A - Faro - 8000-216 - (Portugal)
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  • Dr Pedro Cruz-Dinis has been a surgeon specializing in hair transplants for 15 years
  • He practiced in several countries before settling in Portugal
  • He is a member of the main international associations of experts in hair surgery (ISHRS, World FUE Institute, Asian, African, South American associations).
  • He performs hair transplants in 3 clinics in Portugal: Medform in Faro (Algarve), Molaris near Fatima (north of Lisbon), and MAIS in Funchal (Madeira island)
  • He speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English and French


Dr Pedro Cruz-Dinis



  • two thirds of its patients are men and one third are women
  • patients from all over the world, mainly from Europe
  • some patients come for the repair of a previous transplant performed in another clinic, which was not successful
  • languages spoken by the team: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French
  • Dr. Cruz-Dinis is in great demand, because his patients recommend him to their friends (expect a few months to wait for the transplant)



  • 1500-3000 grafts (day surgery, 7 to 10 hours): 3000€ - 3500€
  • 3000-5000 grafts (two-day surgery): 5000€ - 5500€
  • Beard (3000€), both eyebrows (2500€)


CONSULTATION (remote and at the clinic):

  • Dr Cruz-Dinis studies the photos of each patient, and he first proceeds with a video consultation by WhatsApp
  • for some patients (especially those under 25) prior medical treatment is required (drugs)
  • it is only during the consultation at the clinic that he will be able to accurately assess the potential of the donor area (number of follicles, number of hairs per follicle, hair thickness) and the number of grafts indicated for the areas to be restored or densified
  • for afro hair (frizzy, curly), fewer grafts are needed than with Caucasian hair to ensure coverage, but the risk of keloids must be avoided (family history, skin characteristics)



  • Drugs (Finasteride, Minoxidil)
  • L-PRF



Doctor's objectives:

  • to not damage the donor area
  • to produce a natural look
  • to achieve the highest possible density in a reasonable approach

Number of transplanted grafts:

  • over a day (7 to 10 hours of operation): from 2000 to 3000 grafts
  • over two days: 4000 to 5000 grafts



Stages of surgery:

1. Drawing of the lines

2. Shaving of the hair: full for men, partial for women (window under long hair)

3. Local anesthesia (without putting the patient to sleep)

4. Extraction of the grafts:

  • motorized punch Ertip trumpet (diameter 0.8 - 0.9 mm) for Caucasian or Asian hair
  • for afro hair, motorized U-Graft punch (diameter 1.1 - 1.2 mm)

5. Implantation of grafts:

  • with a Choi implanter pen (DHI), directly, in one step
  • advantage of this technique compared to the creation of sites (incisions) and the placement of grafts with  twizers: less trauma because less bleeding, and less popping


RESULTS: achieved by a specialist in the restoration of advanced baldness (7850 grafts below)


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Beard and moustache 3000 € - 3000 €
FUE afro caribbean hair 3000 € - 3500 €
FUE partial shave 3000 € - 3500 €
FUE motorized (1500 to 5000 grafts) 3000 € - 5500 €
Eyebrows (both eyebrows) 2500 € - 2500 €
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