Dr Rodolphe Brun, Luxembourg

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2 Rue Glesener - Luxembourg - 1630 - (Luxembourg)
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  • Doctor Rodolphe Brun, Aesthetic and Laser Doctor, Hair Transplant Specialist, male and female patients
  • He is able to perform all types of hair transplants and masters all techniques: FUE, DHI, Saphir FUE… which he adapts according to the indication.
  • The doctor performs the hair transplant operations himself, assisted by a team of two highly experienced technicians


INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS : Doctor Brun is fluent in English, in addition to French



  • FUE hair transplant : between 2 and 3 euros for the graft , depending on the quantity and difficulty of the operation, from 2900 € to 5900€
  • Beard transplant : from 2900€
  • Eyebrow transplant : from 1900€
  • Scalp PRP : from €350
  • Scalp Polyvitamin Mesotherapy : from €100



  • online (video)
  • preferably at the clinic, in preparation for a transplant



  • PRP and mesotherapy combined with vitamins and Minoxidil (no Finasteride, because of side effects)
  • medical treatment is particularly recommended for patients under the age of 25
  • PRP or autologous platelet-enriched plasma is the injection of a concentrate of growth factors into the scalp. PRP stimulates regrowth while slowing down hair loss.


HAIR TRANSPLANTS : FUE technique, up to 3000 grafts, in one or two operations (one year apart)

  • Indications : patients over 25 years old exclusively, and Norwood 5A maximum
  • Preparation : full shave or partial shave
  • Anesthesia
  • Extraction of grafts : motorized punch diameter 0.8 mm
  • Implantation : incisions (Sapphire blade), and placement of the grafts with tweezers (or implantation with Choi, DHI)



Post-op follow -up: on photos every 15 days

  • Minoxidil 2% post-op at 1 month (2 to 4 sprays / day and massage, apply rather in the evening)
  • Beginning of regrowth in the 4th month
  • Free follow-up consultation in the 4th month
  • PRP from the 3rd month then twice a year (Stimulates latent follicles, hair is stronger)
  • Return to sport possible at 3 weeks




  • indicated for all people who wish to modify the appearance of their eyebrows (new design, more harmonious curve, refill sparse eyebrows).
  • removal of hair from the scalp before re-implanting it in the beard or mustache area.



  • indicated for beardless men, with a sparse beard or to hide a scar.
  • removal of hair from the scalp before re-implanting it in the beard or mustache area.
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) 350 € - 400 €
Beard and moustache 2900 € - 5900 €
FUE motorized 2900 € - 5900 €
Eyebrows from 1900 €
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