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HAIRMEDICO, Dr Arslan, Istanbul

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Eski Büyükdere cad - Istanbul - 34000 - (Turkey)
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A very experienced doctor, who does all the extraction and incisions (or DHI) himself (PACK DR ARSLAN)




The team :


Dr Arslan Musbeh, speaks excellent English
He has performed several thousands of hair transplants, beard and eyebrows restoration, for more than 13 years, in France, Belgium, Maghreb countries and Turkey.
He is associate member of the ISHRS since 2017
Teacher at the University of Lyon (France) for the Diploma on baldness treatments and hair implants
Team of specially trained assistants

International patients :


Multilingual team (Turkish, French, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese)
Online consultations, with photos.
Consultations with Dr Arslan regularly scheduled in France, Belgium, Sweden and Morocco, by reservation online.

Also hair transplants by the doctor, at partner clinics in these countries.



AUTOMATED FUE : Flat rates include:

  • Preoperative consultation, design, planning by Dr. Arslan
  • Maximum number of grafts depending on the donor area (up to 4000 grafts)
  • PRP, 3 hotel nights, medication, post-operative follow-up for one year

  • Beginning of graft extraction by Dr. ARSLAN in order to control the quality of the grafts, scalp, estimate the rate of double single hair and define the diameters of the punches to be used. Most of it will be done by his assistant specially trained for extraction.
  • Step of incisions (opening of the channels) by Dr. Arslan
  • Implantation of grafts by Dr. Arslan’s assistants (trained exclusively for implantation)

  • All graft extraction by Dr. ARSLAN
  • Step of incisions (opening of the channels) by Dr. Arslan
  • Implantation of grafts by Dr. Arslan’s assistants (trained exclusively for implantation)
  • FUE hair transplant with DHI: 500€ supplement, only with the DR ARSLAN VIP pack
  • Shampoo, Lotion and Vitamins

Hair transplant “Afro”:

  • 2800 € with the standard pack
  • 3800 € if VIP pack DR ARSLAN)


Beard grafting:

  • 2800€ with the standard pack
  • 3800 € if VIP pack DR ARSLAN


Eyebrow transplant:

  • 1500€
  • maximum number of grafts possible on both eyebrows





  • Full or partial shaving the head, micro-punch (0.7 to 0.9 mm in diameter)
  • Implantation of micro-grafts in each incision, using micro-forceps
  • Direct Implantation (DHI): with a special implanter
  • Procedure takes 6 to 8 hours for about 4000 grafts.


  • FUE technique


  • To create a full beard with FUE technique, 2000 to 4000 grafts from the scalp are needed,  2 to 6 hours of intervention.


  • For women, eyebrow grafting is the ideal solution because it gives the eyebrows the relief and density of a real hair.
  • It takes on average from 150 and 200 grafts (fine hair from the neck area) to completely restore (implantation using a needle) the lines of eyebrows.




PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) :

  • Initial treatment with 3 sessions spaced 15 days (30 minutes each).
  • Then, only one session every 3 to 6 months, depending on the results obtained.


Patients Coordinator for Dr ARSLAN

Mobile / WhatsApp / Viber : Mobile / WhatsApp / Viber :

+90 541 234 50 85

Eyebrows 1500 € - 1500 €
FUE motorized (up to 4000 grafts - DHI sup) 2500 € - 4000 €
FUE afro caribbean hair 2800 € - 3800 €
Beard and moustache 2800 € - 3800 €
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