Institut Pasquier, Paris

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44 rue Pasquier - Paris - 75008 - (France)
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  • Joseph Kobaiter, Doctor in morphological and anti-aging medicine, European IUD in medical lasers.
  • Referral physician Dr Brigitte DESPORT who has been practicing hair transplantation with the Artas robot for a few years.
  • Garry Goldman, Director of the Pasquier aesthetic center, communication, development
  • Medical assistants with more than 20 years of experience in the hair industry.
  • The Pasquier Aesthetic Medicine Institute is located in the heart of Paris It is a refined pink marble case, for women and men of all ages, concerned about their seduction and their well-being.


Hair loss treatments:

  • PRP 430 € per session
  • Hair mesotherapy € 100 (10 sessions € 840)
  • LED lamp 1 session 50 € (10 sessions 420 €)

ARTAS hair transplant:

  • 1000 grafts: 4000 euros
  • 2000 grafts: 6000 euros 
  • 2000+ grafts: enquire


  • Scalp mesotherapy consists of injecting directly into the scalp the nutrients it needs: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids and co-enzymes. Hair loss is interrupted and the hair bulbs are revitalized.
  • PRP consists of injecting the patient's blood plasma, which is very rich in cell growth factors, into the scalp. The alopecia is stopped, the bulbs reactivated and the hair regrowth started again.
  • LED light therapy exposes the scalp to LEDs, a type of light emitted by diodes. Micro blood circulation increases in bulb cells and their metabolism is stimulated. Hair loss is stabilized and regrowth facilitated.


HAIR TRANSPLANTATION assisted with the ARTAS 9X robot


Extraction of the grafts:

  • ARTAS is a medical device equipped with artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to select the hair follicles and to extract them in the donor area (back of the head), with an automated punch in complete safety.
  • It is possible to extract around 2000 grafts per session.
  • Possibility of carrying out a second hair transplant, for densification, one year later.

Relocation in the area to be densified / restored:

  • The reimplantation is carried out by 3 surgical assistants, including a referent who has been practicing FUE for 25 years.
  • Incisions in the area to be reimplanted, and placement of grafts with micro forceps
Laser / LED therapy (par séance) 50 € - 50 €
Mesotherapy (1 à 10 séances) 100 € - 840 €
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) (par séance) 430 € - 430 €
FUE robotic ARTAS (1000 à 2000 greffons) 6000 € - 8000 €
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