International Hair Surgery Center, Barcelone, Spain

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c/ General Vives, 29 - Barcelone - 08017 - (Spain)
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  • International Center for Hair Surgery, founded by Dr. Jaime Tufet (owner of the Tufet Clinic) and by Lidia Opi Luesma
  • The clinic uses reputable consultant surgeons specializing in hair transplants
  • Patients can thus have access to various skills to meet their expectations


  • Dr. Hans Heinicke: member of ISHRS, specialized in trichology and hair implantology
  • Dr. Marina Garrido Romero: experience of more than ten years in hair surgery and medical trichology
  • Dr. Xavier Álvarez Suriaca: he is dedicated exclusively to hair surgery, with the FUE technique
  • Dr. Michalis Georgiou: medical director of his hair transplant clinic Dr. Michalis 
  • Dr. Bettina Tiravanti Campos: she knows all hair transplant surgical techniques
  • Dr. Ramón Flórez Basany: expert in hair implantology


Dr. Hans Heinicke

Dr. Xavier Álvarez Suriaca

Dr. Bettina Tiravanti Campos

Dr.Michalis Georgiou

Dr.Ramón Flórez Basany

Dr.Marina Garrido Romero



  • Consultation via Whatsapp and e-mail 
  • Multilingual team (English, French and Spanish)


PRICES: From 1.5€ to 3€ / graft, depending on the number of follicles and on the surgeon




Extraction of grafts:

  • With manual or motorized punch 0.7-0.9mm in diameter


Implantation of grafts: two techniques, to choose from

a) with implantaters (DHI): Dr Heinicke, Dr Alvarez, Dra Tiravanti

  • Better control of angulation, direction and depth of graft implantation
  • The percentage of grafts survival increases significantly compared to other techniques, reaching 90-95%
  • 1200 to 2500 grafts will require a full day
  • 2500 - 3500 grafts, in two consecutive days

b) with incisions and placement: Dra Garrido, Dr Florez, Dr Michalis

  • The surgeon makes a series of small incisions with a sapphire scalpel tip and the extracted follicles are then inserted with forceps
  • Between 1000 and 3500 grafts over a day




Dr. Hans Heinicke

Dr. Xavier Álvarez Suriaca

Dra Bettina Tiravanti Campos

Dr. Michalis Georgiou


Dra Marina Garrido Romero

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