TrichoLAB studio™ and TrichoLAB TransPlanner™


Would you perform a hair transplant on this patient ?


Top imaging technology is there to help you decide on solid grounds.


Introducing TrichoLAB Studio and Hair Transplant planner


TrichoLAB studio™ is the first device combining standardized global imaging, and precise micro photography, both for surgical and non-surgical use. 


The TrichoLAB studio™ is equipped with Mediacam / Leviacam devices from FotoFinder™, which take high resolution images of the scalp, forehead, temples and back of the head.



The TrichoLAB TransPlanner™ helps you assess the number of grafts to be transplanted. 


This software (artificial intelligence) analyses the images, and provides an estimate of the number of grafts available in the donor area (back of the head), as well as the number of grafts needed to restore the recipient area with optimal results.


Step 1: first consultation at the clinic, no shaving or biopsy, only photos!


Step 2: these images from TrichoLAB studio™ are used by the TrichoLAB TransPlanner™ to assess the number of grafts to be transplanted, a precious help for the medical team.


TransPlanner™provides the detailed following information:

  • Total number of grafts
  • Available number of grafts
  • Needed number of grafts
  • Density of harvesting and inserting


This technology saves doctor's and patient's time and quickly quantifies whether a surgery will be successful.


Surgeons can design hair transplants fast and precisely.


The studio costs between 30.000€ – 45.000€, depending on the configuration (it can be financed).


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On the 12th of May 2021, Webinar Tricholab On'Hair (video available on demand), Dr. Christian Bisanga & Dr. Sergio Vano Galvan debated on "Contraindications in Hair Surgery", and talked about dermoscopy, trichoscopy and how it helps to make sure that a hair transplant is appropriate, in case of non scarring alopecia and scarring alopecia as well.



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