Training programs in hair restoration for doctors and surgical assistants

Dr. A. Tsilosani Hair Transplantation Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia


Training program for doctors and assistants

Tsilosani Hair Transplant Institute

Tsilosani Hair Transplantation Institute full course for doctors and nurses, with over 300 graduates worldwide, lasts for one week (5-6 working days depending on the workload) and includes training in all methods used in the field of Hair Restoration: FUT, FUE, Long hair transplant, BHT (Body Hair Transplantation). The course also includes training in Surgical Assistant's duties (microscopic graft cutting & Implantation).
The training program is a full-time hands-on live surgery course, this makes our program outstanding and after finishing the course a trainee doctor can directly start his/her own private practice and perform small scale procedures independently.
During the training program, trainees will be able to participate in two types of surgeries, one includes our private cases performed by Dr. Tsilosani and trainees will be assisting us during those procedures, second will be volunteer patients, in this case trainees will be the main surgeon performing all steps of the procedure.

Trainees will be able to participate in 6-8 different cases during the program, during each case trainees will harvest and implant several hundred FUs depending on the volume of surgeries and trainees working speed.
Tsilosani Hair Transplantation Institute courses are exclusively managed for our trainee doctors, which means, that trainees will not have to share working hours with other trainee doctors, ensuring maximum hours for hands-on live surgery training process with different cases booked exclusively for the course with volunteer patients, who agree that trainee doctor will participate in their surgeries.

Dr.Tsilosani conducts courses in Georgia (Tbilisi), Ukraine (Kiev), Armenia (Yerevan), Russia (Moscow), Kuwait and Dubai, but the best option is to arrive in Georgia. The price of the training program for doctors is 8 000 USD in Georgia and 10 000 USD in other countries.

The course can be scheduled in the time the most desirable for a specific doctor, in this case for you, but it needs to be scheduled 1,5 - 2 months earlier before the beginning as it requires some preliminary preparation.  

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If you have any additional questions you can write to us on 

Or contact Dr. Akaki Tsilosani directly via mobile, WhatsApp or Viber. His number is: +995599565788 


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