This portal is much more than a list of clinics.

It is a fantastic tool to help you find in Europe the best solution for your hair loss problem.


Use our "language selector" to find clinic teams (contact, surgeons, technicians) who can communicate in your language.

Most clinics can communicate in English.

The ranking is established by awarding points according to specific criteria.

In the case of a tie, the alphabetical classification shall prevail.

Main criteria :

- identified doctor (s) in the clinic :

  • in charge of hair transplants (doctors, surgeons) and hair loss treatments (doctors, dermatologists, trichologists ..)
  • access to a minimum of biographical information on these specialists
  • members of an active international society (congress, training, etc.) of experts in hair transplants (ISHRS, FUE Europe, mainly)

- publication of rates (pricing) : at least for the main treatments (eg cost per graft or flat fee for hair transplants)

Secondary criteria :

  • detailed information about treatments and procedure offered
  • clinic organized for international patients : online consultation and cost estimate, spoken languages, logistical services (hotel, transfers ..)...
  • Clinic with Premium option

Clinics whose prices are published on our portal appear prominently in our listings (ranking).

Some clinics, often excellent, are reluctant to publish their pricelist, as they believe this criterion should not be predominant in patient's choice, whom they encourage to prefer the quality of the transplant rather than cost savings.

In all cases, it is useful to request a custom quote, either by contacting the clinic through www.hair-clinic.eu or during the consultation with the surgeon.

This is the way (form, photos, telephone, Skype ..) many clinics determine from a distance, with their international customers, the treatment options (medical and / or surgical), evaluate the costs and agree on an appointment.

The clinic sends a detailed proposal, and payment of a deposit by the client materializes the booking.

The consultation at the clinic will validate the proposed treatment (number of grafts, transplantation technique, design, etc..).

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is concerned about the growing risk to patients of unlicensed technicians performing substantial aspects of hair restoration surgery which should only be performed by a properly trained and licensed physician, or in countries where it is allowed, by a licensed allied health professional practicing within the scope of his or her license.

These substantial aspects of hair restoration surgery are :

  • Preoperative diagnostic, evaluation and consultation
  • Surgery planning
  • Surgery execution including : Donor hair harvesting - Hairline design - Recipient site creation
  • Management of other patient medical issues and possible adverse reactions
  • Post-operative care

Some clinics offer to book the clinic for one VIP  patient and to be exclusively at his or her service for the duration of the hair restoration surgery, ie for half day or a day, or even two days if it is a mega session.

Similarly, the clinic may be closed to other patients throughout the duration of the VIP patient consultation, to preserve his or her privacy.

VIP prices are therefore significantly higher than standard costs.

Advantages of international chains of clinics come primarily from their geographical network : for example, a patient can have a consultation in the clinic of a country, and have the hair transplant performed in another country, for various reasons (cost, technicality, availability of medical teams, medical tourism).

Other plus points of the chains : numerous and multilingual teams, able to accommodate and treat a large international clientele, standardized internal procedures, training of personnel in specialized centers ..

But individual clinics have also their advantages : they offer a wide choice in 45 European countries, some are led by surgeons with internationally recognized skills, and in terms of prices and medical abilities, they are usually highly efficient.

All clinics listed on the portal have been carefully selected to showcase European excellence, particularly clinics with doctors who are distinguished as members of the ISHRS and FUE Europe.

So we do not think they need to be evaluated.

However, do not hesitate to tell us about your transplant experience, which we will publish with your agreement for the information of all.

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