Cost of a hair transplant ?

How to compare hair transplant prices in Europe ?

1. Clinics offering a flat rate

These clinics, located in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Portugal rely on medical tourism

  • Packages include: hotel, transfers, interpreting, post-operative kit, remote monitoring ..
  • Number of patients per day: 2 to 10, sometimes more
  • Price range: 2000€ to 3800€, depending on clinic and on maximum number of grafts
  • Number of grafts in one session: 1500 to 4500 grafts, depending on each clinic
  • TechniqueAutomated FUE (motorized punch), usually with complete shaving of the head (for men)
  • Consultation, drawing of the frontal line and supervision of the operation: Head Doctor, whose involvement varies according to the number of patients
  • Graft extraction: usually by the team of technicians
  • Implantation of grafts: there is sometimes an extra charge for the doctor to make the incisions personally, or the direct implantation with an implanter (DHI)

Recommendation: thoroughly study the content of the package, including the involvement of a doctor or of the head doctor

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2. Choose a clinic based on your budget

a) Small budgets (up to 3000 €):

  • Look carefully at what the clinic offer contains, and who performs the transplant
  • For 1500 - 2000 grafts, one can find clinics that charge by the graft, no more expensive than those with flat rates
  • The flat rate is especially attractive for a large number of grafts (but take care to preserve the donor area ...)


b) Average budgets (3000 to 8000 €):

  • Access to all other techniques (manual FUE, robotic FUE, long hair FUE, STRIP)
  • Doctors are usually involved personally in the procedure


c) Higher budgets (8000 € to 15000 €): top doctors, world-renowned

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3. Clinics that charge by the number of grafts

  • Price: by graft, often decreasing with a higher number of grafts
  • Cost estimate: established by each clinic in view of the photos of the patient, or during a consultation
  • Price range: from 1€ to 2€ (Russia); from 1.25€ to 3.5€ / graft (Turkey, Cyprus, Hungary, Romania); from 2€ to 5€ (Portugal, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy); from 3€ to 6€ (Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland)
  • TechniquesFUE (manual, automated, robotic ARTAS, long hair, afro) and strip (FUT) technique ..
  • Medical team: one or more doctors, assistants

Advantages of pricing per graft:

  • Access to all hair transplant techniques, hence the possibility of finding a solution adapted to the preferences and specificities of each patient (man, woman, afro)
  • Implication of the doctor generally stronger in FUE (extraction, implantation), and total in STRIP
  • Limited number of patients each day (1 to 3)
  • The clinic evaluates in advance the number of grafts needed for each patient, which gives an idea of its approach to the case of each patient (preservation of the donor area, expected density, transplant planning over several years, etc.)

Disadvantages of billing by the number of grafts:

  • Some clinics may be tempted to minimize the number of grafts needed, to make their quotation more acceptable to the patient

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4. Decide for a country

a) For residents in Europe:

  • Look carefully at local opportunities, before considering a trip, because the proximity has many advantages (clinical examination, possibility of spreading the transplant over several sessions, better postoperative follow-up)
  • One can find very competitive rates not far from home, for example in Spain and Portugal (from 2€ / graft), in Belgium and Germany (from 2.5€), in France (from 3€ / graft)

b) For patients residing outside Europe:

  • Give priority to essential criteria: choice of technique, choice of doctor

Medical tourism:

  • Check that there will be no language barrier, and that the clinic and the patient will be able to communicate
  • Avoid concentrating a maximum of grafts on a single operation (in some cases it is more reasonable to plan successive operations spread over time)


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