Hair transplants for the stars

Stars' mane ... Their secret finally revealed!

Who does not know Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Jean Dujardin or even Rafael Nadal?

No one will you tell me! Successful singers, Hollywood stars and tennis champions, these celebrities are the idols of millions of people around the world.

Besides their notoriety, these gentlemen have another point in common, their hair! They all fell in love with "Hair transplant".

Whether it is to rejuvenate or simply to feel better about yourself, hair transplants have impressive results, and they are popular with TV presenters, politicians, singers, actors, public figures, which evoke it in the media.

From the country of the "Mannschaft", Germany, to that of "La Piel de Toro", Spain, via Great Britain, France and many other countries, hair transplantation is essential. the new darling of reports and television sets on cosmetic surgery. t

It has indeed become a fixture among stars of art, sport and the small screen, such as THE football star the British David Beckham, and also John Travolta and Sylvester Stallone, not to mention Silvio Berlusconi.

What should be remembered above all is that this minimally invasive cosmetic surgery technique has become enormously popular nowadays thanks to prices now accessible to a large public.

A large public who can also turn to specialized clinics, offering patients the opportunity to find hair on their bald areas! And this all over the world.

Indeed, in London, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Istanbul, for example, the expert hands of hair surgeons have grafted many celebrities and also people like you and me eager to find their youthful hairstyle!

Among these clinics recognized for their professionalism and their results, let us quote in particular The Private Clinic in London, Crown clinic in Manchester, Asmed in Istanbul or even Maison Lutetia in Paris, the city of "Light".

So what are you waiting for to get yourself a celebrity mane too?

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