Hair transplants in Athens, Greece

Hair transplants in Athens, Greece 


Why do many travel to Athens for a hair transplant?


When faced with hair loss, there are many treatments and medications (such as Minoxidil). However, hair implantation can sometimes be an interesting solution. In Greece, the number of private clinics specializing in hair transplants is increasing. In Athens, you will find competent surgeons who practice both the FUT and FUE methods. 


The rates offered in the various clinics vary between 1.5€ per graft and 3€ per graft. Medical tourism in Athens can therefore be advantageous when seeking a hair transplant. 


What are the best clinics you can find in Athens and what is your budget? 


On our site, you can find various remarkable clinics based in Athens, which we have classified into different categories. 


Some clinics in the Budget category are ideal for medical tourism: 

  • Dr. Fotis Tsounis, from the High Density Hair Transplants clinic, is a Greek surgeon with 20 years of experience in hair transplantation. He offers the FUE technique and he and his team welcome many international patients. The budget is between 2300€ and 6400€ depending on the number of grafts. 

Then, in the Budget+ category, there are clinics that offer personalized treatments to patients:

  • Advanced Hair Clinics is present throughout Greece. Dr. Anastasios Vekris is a plastic surgeon and world expert in hair transplantation. The main clinic is in Athens, but there are others in the rest of Greece, especially in Thessaloniki. The budget is between 3200€ and 6800€. 


There are also clinics in the MaxiCare category that offer the most sophisticated techniques at prices that remain affordable: 

  • Dr. Apostolos Karalexis of Derma Hair Clinic is a specialist in dermato-venereology and dermatological surgery. He welcomes many international patients. The budget is between 2000€ and 6000€.
  • The Skin and Hair Transplant Clinic is a world class dermatology clinic. Dr. Sotirios Theocharis has many years of experience in hair implants. The price of the graft is 2,5€, and it is possible to do between 1000 and 4000 grafts. 
  • The Anastasakis Hair Clinic has performed several thousand hair transplants in Greece and abroad. Dr. Konstantinos Anastasakis welcomes you with his team specialized in hair restoration. The budget for a hair transplant is between 2500€ and 8700€ depending on the method used (FUE or STRIP), and the number of grafts 


On our site you can find many other clinics depending on your budget and what you are looking for, especially in Athens and other cities in Greece such as Thessaloniki. 





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