Hair transplants in Budapest, Hungary

Hair transplants in Budapest, Hungary


Why do many people travel to Budapest for a hair transplant? 


In Budapest, the capital of Hungary, medical tourism is booming. Although there are treatments and medications (such as Minoxidil) for hair loss, hair implants can be an interesting solution. Many international patients are interested in the clinics in Budapest. 


Indeed, the offer of hair surgery and hair implantation is growing more and more in Hungary, and especially in Budapest.  The clinics offer an excellent quality/price ratio which attracts many patients. 


What are the best clinics in Budapest and what is the budget? 


On our website you can find a list of clinics based in Budapest. We have classified them into different categories. 


In the Budget+ category are clinics that offer personalized treatments to patients:

  • The HairPalace clinic offers consultations in France, Germany and England. There is a team of 8 doctors and surgeons. The budget is between 3290€ and 4290€. 
  • The Sikos Clinic offers online consultations beforehand. Dr. Géza Sikos is a certified plastic surgeon with years of experience in hair transplantation. The budget is between 1700€ and 3000€. 
  • The PROHAIR clinic welcomes many international patients and also offers online consultations. Dr. Tamás Mantse is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and specializes in manual FUE, and strip (STRIP). 


There are also clinics in the MaxiCare category that offer the most sophisticated techniques at prices that remain affordable: 

  • The HairHungary clinic offers hair loss treatments, and transplants with motorized FUE. The clinic is staffed by Dr. David Zakariás, a specialist in hair transplants, and his 2 assistants. The clinic welcomes many international patients. The fee is 1.5€ per graft. The maximum budget is therefore 6000€. 


On our site you can find many other clinics depending on your budget and what you are looking for, especially in Budapest and other Hungarian cities like Szeged.





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