Hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey

Hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey


Why do many travel to Istanbul for a hair transplant? 



Although there are many clinics that offer this service in France and in other European countries, the solution of hair transplantation abroad can be interesting. When you are on a tight budget and are looking to have a hair transplant, Turkey offers a real economic advantage. 


Indeed, in Turkey, and more precisely in Istanbul, the offer of surgery and hair transplants has strongly developed and the clinics welcome many foreign patients. In Istanbul, the rates are lower than in other European Union countries. 


What are the best clinics you can find in Istanbul and what is your budget? 


Turkish rates are generally flat rate packages, and can go up to 3€ per graft. On our website, you can find a list of clinics in Istanbul. They are classified into different categories. 


Some clinics of our Budget category are ideal for medical tourism

  • Dr Cinik is specialized in hair transplants and has performed FUE transplants with his team. Rates range from 2090€ to 3490€ depending on your preferences (FUE, DHI, manual FUE, BHT). 
  • Dr Arslan has also performed several thousand hair transplants for over 15 years. If you are French, it is even easier for you to meet him because it is possible to make a consultation in Paris or Lyon beforehand. You should plan a budget between 2500€ and 4000€. 
  • The Self Hair Clinic, with Dr. Yilmaz Öztorun, offers hair transplants in a world-renowned hospital. The budget is between 1690€ and 1890€ for a hair transplant. 


Then, in the Budget+ category, there are clinics that offer personalized treatments to patients:

  • Dr Özlem Biçer has extensive experience in hair transplantation and the packages it offers include not only the operation, but also the hotel, transfers and post-operative medication. In addition, the team speaks many languages, which makes it easier for people from other countries to communicate with each other. The budget is between 3000€ and 6000€, depending on the number of grafts. 
  • Dr. Resul Yaman has been performing hair and facial hair transplants for several years. He also offers online consultations for international patients. The fee is 1€ per graft and it is possible to request up to 4000 grafts.
  • Dr. Ilker Apaydin has been using the FUE and FUT methods for hair transplantation for many years. He is a surgeon specialized in plastic and aesthetic surgery, and has many foreign patients. The cost is approximately 4000€.
  • Dr. Levent Acar has many years of experience and is part of the COSMEDICA clinic. You will find a large team of 30 people. Numerous packages are offered depending on the number of grafts needed and the technique used. The budget is between 2100€ and 4590€.


There are also clinics in the MaxiCare category that offer the most sophisticated techniques at prices that remain affordable: 

  • Dr Koray Erdogan is a world leader and president of the World FUE Institute and the inventor of many devices to improve the techniques of transplants. Rates can vary between 1250€ and 7500€ depending on the number of grafts required.


On our website, you can find many other clinics according to your budget and what you are looking for, especially in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey (Ankara, Antalya, Denizli...)





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