Hair transplants in Lisbon, Portugal

Hair transplants in Lisbon, Portugal


Why do many travel to Portugal for a hair transplant? 


Although there are medications (such as Minoxidil) and treatments for hair loss, the option of a hair transplant may seem interesting. When you want to have a hair transplant, medical tourism in Portugal, and especially in Lisbon, can be advantageous. Indeed, the prices are very competitive and therefore attract foreign patients. In addition, doctors and surgeons are usually able to communicate in different languages, which facilitates the exchange with patients from other countries.


Many clinics in Lisbon are becoming more and more advanced in modern hair transplant techniques. Some of the surgeons that can be found in Lisbon are among the world's specialists in the treatment of hair loss. Thus, Lisbon can be an interesting destination when looking for a hair transplant.


What are the best clinics you can find in Lisbon and what is your budget?


On our site you can find different clinics based in Lisbon, which we have classified into different categories. 


Budget+ clinics offer personalized treatments to patients:

  • The Dr Augusto Guerreiro, of the Lisboa Hair Restoration clinic, welcomes many foreign patients, especially French-speaking ones. It offers a free online consultation beforehand. The number of grafts needed can range from 1000 grafts to 6500 grafts. Depending on your needs, the rate varies between 1490€ and 5590€. 
  • The Dr Mara Fragomeni, of the Acqua Clinic, is a specialist in hair transplantation and has performed thousands of surgeries with the FUE method. The price is from 1€ to 2.50€ per graft. The budget to plan is thus between 5300€ and 6900€. 


There are also clinics in the MaxiCare category that offer the most sophisticated techniques at prices that remain affordable: 

  • The CM2C clinic, with Dr. Joana Sousa Coutinho and Dr. Júlio Fernandes, is a leader in hair microsurgery and is also present in Porto. It uses the FUE method and also offers an online consultation in advance to make an estimate. 


And finally, the TopCare category offers high-end clinics, with higher quality but higher prices: 

  • The Master Group Hair Transplant clinic is exclusively dedicated to the treatment of hair loss in men and women. Dr. Barbara Costa, Dr. Flavia Barsali, and Dr. Mariana Alves are experienced in hair transplantation with the FUE method. The budget is between 2300€ and 6700€. 


On our site you can find many other clinics depending on your budget and what you are looking for, especially in Lisbon, but also in other cities in Portugal like Porto and Faro. 





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