Hair transplants in Lisbon, Portugal


Hair transplants in Lisbon, Portugal 


Why do many patients travel to Portugal for a hair transplant? 


When looking for a clinic for hair implants, medical tourism in Portugal, and especially in Lisbon, is one of the options that comes to mind quite spontaneously.

Indeed, the prices there are rather attractive and the doctors and medical teams accustomed to receiving international patients are often multilingual, and master at least English and Spanish in addition to Portuguese. 

Some surgeons who can be found in Lisbon and other Portuguese cities are among the world's specialists in the treatment of hair loss.

But beware, not all clinics are necessarily recommendable, you have to be careful and avoid the risk of failed transplants.

So we offer you a short but safe list of the best doctors, to whom you can go with confidence. 

As a result, prices can be rather high with some of these excellent practitioners, but there you have it, quality comes at a price.


Our selection of the best hair clinics in Portugal and the budget to plan: 


The  Master Group Hair Transplant  in Lisbon, is a team of three excellent ladies surgeons exclusively dedicated to the treatment of hair loss and transplants, for men and women:

  • Dra Barbara Costa, Dra Flavia Barsali, and Dra Mariana Alves, member of the ISHRS, members of the World FUE Institute
  • Very in-depth hair loss diagnosis to possibly recommend appropriate medical treatment
  • Very high-end FUE methods (manual punch, implantation with incisions or DHI implanter, maximum 2000 grafts in one day) to ensure total success of regrowth and preserve donor areas.
  • Very partial shaving for a discreet operation, interesting for women
  • The budget to be planned is between 2300€ and 6700€. 


Doctor Bruno Ferreira, member of the ISHRS , member of the World FUE Institute

  • This talented young doctor worked in Madrid with Dr. Lorenzo, a Spanish expert in hair transplantation
  • He has his own clinic in Porto, where he receives patients from all over the world, especially the British
  • His excellent work earned him considerable respect and reputation.
  • With his team, he can transplant up to 4000 grafts over two days (motorized or manual punch)
  • Direct Implantation only (DHI)
  • Prices: prepare for a budget of 3000 to 12000 euros


Doctor Pedro Cruz-Dinis , member of the ISHRS , member of the World FUE Institute

  • He currently operates in Faro and the Azores, and near Lisbon
  • This surgeon obtains remarkable results on the most difficult cases (large baldness requiring up to 5000 grafts, repair of failed grafts)
  • For patients under 25, prior medical treatment is required.
  • His prices are particularly reasonable, as he only asks 5500 euros for 3000 to 5000 grafts
  • He himself calls the candidates for a hair transplant to give them his opinion in view of the photos, and he operates on a maximum of 20 patients per month


Dr. Augusto Guerreiro , ISHRS member, and Dr. Jorge Freitas

  • The Lisboa Hair Restoration (LHR) clinic welcomes many foreign patients, especially French-speaking ones.
  • The team can transplant (with the DHI method) from 1000 grafts to 6500 grafts (over 2 or 3 days)
  • The price is particularly attractive: 2500 grafts for only 3000€, and 4500 / 6500 grafts for 6000€
  • Beard and eyebrow transplant


On our site, you can find many other clinics depending on your budget and what you are looking for.





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