The various stages of hair loss, in men and in women

How many grafts to restore your hair?

Men : classification by Norwood

How to assess the number of grafts needed ?

  • As a first approximation, refer to the sketch below, find what is best representing your case. 
  • In the second approximation, use our calculator, select the zones affected by your hair loss.
  • Third, consulting a doctor specialist, on line with your photos, or at his / her practice, is the safest way.


Women : classification by Ludwig

TYPE Ι : miniaturization of hair results in thinning in the parting region. 

TYPE ΙΙ : extended thinning along the parting region, while hairline is preserved.

TYPE ΙΙΙ : large circular tonsure in the parting region. Hairline is preserved.

Hair transplantation is recommanded from Ludwig type 2.

Female hair loss concerns approximately 15% of women, and 40% of these cases relate to women aged over 40, while 50% are over 50.

Ludwig I stage can begin as soon as 30 years old, Ludwig II stage is triggered by menopause, and Ludwig III stage impacts senior age.

Hair follicles vulnerable to hormones are dispersed all over the scalp, while in men they lie on the front and upper part of the scalp. Moreover, women usually preserve the frontal line as opposed to men where the frontal hairline is usually the first part of the scalp influenced by hair loss.


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