Interview at Vera Clinic, Istanbul, conducted by Joseba Portas

May 2022 : Interview of Dr Kerim Benan Ünsal  from Vera Clinic conducted by Joseba Portas, consultant to Tenerpelo in collaboration with Best Hair Clinics .

At the end of the article you can watch the video of the complete interview with Dr Kerim Benan.



Vera Clinic was founded in 2013 by some of the leading plastic surgeons in Turkey, its team of experts offers one of the best cosmetic surgery and hair transplant hospitals.

Its headquarters in Istanbul (Turkey) has resources throughout the world offering leading innovation in the field of hair implantation and aesthetics. They have developed emerging treatments such as Sapphire FUE  and  Oxycure Therapy, their techniques are highly qualified and recognized by their patients from all countries.

Ok Dr Kerim


What makes Vera Clinic different from the rest of the clinics?

We have a highly experienced team consisting of the extraction team, incision team who are doctors, and the transplant team .

At Vera Clinic we train our staff very well, and our teams are specialized in different types of patients, for example, for African- American patients, we have a special team. In patients from Scandinavia the structure of the hair is a little different.

When it comes to the FUE Sapphire method, we are one of the pioneers and we remain at the forefront. This technique is now very widespread in Turkey and elsewhere.


Tell us a little more about your team

As I told you, at Vera Clinic we have more than 40 employees, doctors, nurses, technicians and transportation personnel. 

The incisions are made by doctors in this clinic, making them according to the natural direction of the hair, so it's a very precise process. 



Our transplant team, in charge of placing the grafts into those little incisions, is very experienced and has been with us for many years.

Very interesting.


What follicular survival rate do you achieve in your hair transplant procedures?

With the Sapphire FUE method, the survival rate is usually about 95% but in our clinic this rate is at least of 98%.


What transplant methods do you use in your clinic?

In this clinic we use Sapphire FUE and the DHI method.


What is the difference between both methods?

In the Sapphire FUE method there are three stages : extraction phase, incision phase which is performed by doctors and transplantation (placement).

In the DHI method the extraction phase is the same, but there is no incision phase, the incision phase and the placement are simultaneous.



Which method is more suitable for which patient?

In the DHI method we only shave the donor area, we do not have to shave the recipient area, so we recommend the DHI method to our female patients who do not want their hair shaved and in patients who need less than 2,000 grafts

We suggest the Sapphire FUE method to our patients who have a good donor area and who need lots of grafts.



What is the maximum number of grafts that are normally implanted per session with a good donor area?

It largely depends on the quality of the donor area and on the density of the hair, so if our patient has an excellent donor area and a large bald area to cover. we can even extract up to 5,000 grafts .


What other techniques do you also use in Hair Transplant for your patients?

At Vera Clínic we also use the PRP technique , Cell Treatment and Regenera Activa


Can you tell us a little more about stem cells and the Regenera Activa method?

In the stem cell method we extract fatty tissue from the belly, process it, then inject it just below the scalp. When it comes to the Regenera Activa method , we extract stem cell tissue from just behind the ears, process it, and inject it just below the scalp. And these two methods include many growth factors and stem cells, which are highly beneficial for the scalp and hair.



This information about your clinic has been very interesting. Now I am going to ask some general questions from patients. Okay


What is the most common reason for a failed hair transplant?

In hair transplantation, the donor area is very important, so patients with a weak donor area should keep their expectations low. 

Therefore, if a donor area is weak, the success rate of the operation can of course be weak.



Do you have any advice for patients to avoid bad doctors and clinics?

My advice would be to do your research and at least get a second opinion. 

Beware of medical clinics that accept all the wishes that a patient has, because it is an aesthetic decision but it is also a medical decision.



What are the key factors in the survival rate of the grafts ?

There are some inter-operative factors and extra-operative factors. 

When it comes to interoperative factors, the amount of time that the grafts are kept outside the body is very important, and in this clinic it is minimal. 

When it comes to extra-operative factors, we have some suggestions for our patients especially about aftercare. For example they should wear their hats to avoid sun exposure, rain exposure, and should wash their hair according to our instructions . Then, I am sure the survival rate will be high .


What do you think about using beard and chest hair in BHT transplants?

In this clinic we do beard transplantation but we do not do chest transplantation, because those are very different types of hair and the survival rate of chest hair is lower than that of beard hair . But when it comes to beard hair, since it's a bit thick, we use these grafts in the crown area, especially we mix it with the grafts from the donor area, then we spread it well and the beard hair gives us a good density in the crown area



How do you see the future of hair health?

When it comes to the Sapphire method , the donor area is extremely important and if a patient has a poor donor area that means that the number of grafts that we can extract is limited but if we can achieve the cloning of the hair follicles that is currently in trials , we will solve this problem, then we can overcome this problem, and even patients with weak donor area can have successful results


What do you think is the most important for a natural forehead line?

When we are designing the frontal hairline for our patient, we take into account our patient's age, our patient 's donor site studies and of course their wishes and we also check the muscles in the forehead area .

So when we're designing we take those three build situations into consideration and we transplant the single hair follicles in the first two lines of the frontal, and further back we transplant double and triple and quad hair follicles. This provides a natural look .

Thank you very much, Dr. Kerim , it has been very interesting.

I am very excited about your clinic. The staff is very professional and gives me a lot of confidence.

Joseba Portas


Here you can watch the video of the complete interview with Dr Kerim Benan Ünsal from VeraClinic


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