Body hair transplant (BHT)

If effective on a patient after trial session, BHT is a genuine option
Not applicable to all patients

The use of facial hair (beard) or body hair (torso, legs) with the FUE technique is commonly practiced to overcome the lack of donor area on the head.


This technique makes it possible to harvest 1000 - 1200 grafts in one session (sometimes 1500), a very valuable complement to restore advanced baldness.


INDICATIONS : For men only, in case of severe hair loss


OBJECTIVES : Supplementing the donor area deficiency on the head, restoring baldness


PRINCIPLES : When follicles are not available on the head, then they can be collected elsewhere, and implanted on the head (or on the face, see beard transplant):

  • Beard hair : first choice
  • Chest hair : second best choice
  • Legs hair : third choice


TECHNIQUE : with the FUE technique, usually. 


N.B. Body hair is different from scalp hair :

  • it usually consists of single hairs (which means less coverage),
  • except beard hair, it is usually finer
  • it grows much slower,
  • it is curly
  • its growth after transplanting is less predictable.


ADVANTAGES : When a patient has a lot of body hair, and a test session has proven to be effective, then the potential of the patient can be used several times.


DISADVANTAGES : Can hardly be used to replace all hair.



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