FUE afro caribbean hair

Minimally invasive technique for curly hair transplant
Use of mini punches, visible scars ?

The transplantation of African hair is complicated by two considerations:

  • with FUE, because Afro hair also curls under the skin, risk of trans-section with punch of 1mm and less
  • risk of lumpy scars (keloids) at the back of the head (donor area), both with the STRIP technique (the linear scar will be visible) and with the FUE technique (diameters greater than 1mm).


As the demand from patients (in many cases, black women with traction alopecia) now turns to the FUE technique, which is a much less invasive surgery than STRIP, some surgeons have developed special skills to overcome the above difficulties, and practice manual or automated FUE on patients with Afro hair.


Generally clinics perform an individual test to verify that the FUE technique works with the patient.


However, the demand is still there for transplants of Afro hair using the STRIP technique.


Women with afro hair:

In most cases, these are women with:

  •  traction alopecia,
  • or women who want to lower the frontal line.


It is possible to perform a partial shave of the donor area, which makes the FUE procedure more acceptable:

FUE partial shave of the donor area

Traction alopecia (Dr. Karadeniz, AEK)

Lowering of frontal line (Dr Mwamba)



Men with afro hair:

Most of these men are men with:

  •  androgenetic alopecia (AAG),
  • traction alopecia,
  • or men who want to lower the frontal line.

Andro genetic alopecia  (Dr Cinik)

Traction alopecia (Dr. Karadeniz, AEK)

Lowering of frontal line (Cosmedica)



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