FUE motorized

Faster than manual FUE, low transection rate, afro hair, long hair
Medical teams may be tempted to harvest very high numbers of grafts

What are the advantages of advanced motorized punches?


What motorized punches can do :

  • Punches with micro motor allow faster harvesting of grafts, up to 3500 - 5000 grafts in one session (compared to manual punch, usually no more than 2000 grafts in one session).
  • The diameters of these punches can range between 0,6-0,9 mm, same as the manual punches.
  • They are used to dissect (isolate, excise) the grafts with an alternate rotation ; the grafts are then collected (extracted) with micro forceps, and sorted by number of hairs in each follicle.
  • These devices are pedal operated, and fitted with lots of electronic controls (depth, speed, rotation, oscillation, vibration, angulation, etc..) which ensure a safe harvesting of grafts in the patients donor area (to minimize the risk of follicle trauma and lower the trans-section rate)..
  • The tips can be sharp (with different cutting properties) or dull, or hybrid.
  • Some recent models of motorized punches have been designed to harvest long hair, others can help extract afro caribbean hair (curly, frizzy under the dermis).



Top doctors' collaboration with industry :

The most wellknown motorized punches have been developped by top doctors in collaboration with the industry, for example :


- SAFE SCRIBE (Dr Harris) and PCID (Dr Cole) : they have set the standard to make the extraction process faster, using smaller punches.


- WAW (Dr Devroye)

The WAW pedal enables the doctors to perform a FUE surgery with great precision, exactly like manual work.

Contrary to the rotating sharp punch, this Hybrid Punch has an oscillatory movement. 

It has a flared tip, in the shape of a trumpet : only the outside part of the punch has a cutting effect, whereas the inner side acts like a funnel. Once the tip has pierced the skin, the Hybrid Punch can reach deep, « sliding » around the follicle in a way that keeps transection rates at a record low.

The grafts that are extracted using this new method are particularly healthy, full and perfectly preserved.

Once re-implanted using an injector pen, they will allow for spectacular regrowth.

WAW : pedal

WAW : hybrid punch

WAW : motorized hand piece


- MAMBA (Dr Trivellini) : it is the only device which can execute rotation, oscillation and vibration movements, claims the manufacturer. It is a handpiece with suction which can be used for long hair extraction.

Trivellini Flared punch has a trumpet shaped tip that keeps the follicle units away from the cutting edge.

The long hair punch is designed to extract intact long hair grafts (unshaven FUE). It is partially sharp and has slots that protect hair shafts from being cut during the extraction.

Mamba (Dr Trivellini)

Flared punch : trumpet shaped tip

Long hair punch, with slots to protect hair shafts


- U-GRAFT (Dr Umar) : with suction, this punch can be used in oscillation mode (non rotary mode) for harvesting afro carribbean hair.

Afro-caribbean hair





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