FUE robotic ARTAS

Revolutionary technology, constant quality
Full shave of the head, so rather reserved for men

Robotic FUE has entered a new era


The new ARTAS iX model can do almost everything:

  • Video map the donor area, and the recipient area

  • Dissect the grafts (up to 3000 in one session) with a punch of diameter 0.7mm to 1mm
  • Directly inject the grafts (DHI) into the area to be implanted (between primitive hair if any)
The medical team:
  • Can program the transplant according to the patients parameters (i.e hair line design)
  • Collects grafts with micro forceps, and places them into micro buckets for direct injection


What about the previous model 9X ?

The 9X model performs the same operations except the direct injection of the grafts into the scalp (implantation phase).

It stands out in making incisions on the entries and the top of the head (perfect angle and direction), in which the medical team will place the grafts manually, with the forceps.



Advantages of the iX:

For the medical team:
  • Working speed (1500 grafts per hour on extraction, 500 on implantation)
  • Reduced fatigue and errors
  • Smart selection of grafts
  • Very low trans section rate
For patients:
  • All the advantages of the FUE technique
  • Natural results, thanks to high precision
  • Donor area preserved
  • Guaranteed constant quality, independent of the expertise of the medical team


Constraints of the iX:

For the medical team:
  • The robot dissects the grafts, so the team must collect them with micro forceps
  • The team must load the micro buckets with the grafts, so that the robot can carry out the direct hair implantation (DHI)
For patients:
  • Full shave of the head, so robotic procedure is rather reserved for men
  • Dyeing white hair in black before the procedure


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