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Full shave of the head, so rather reserved for men

Opinions on the iX model from ARTAS are particularly laudatory

The latest version of the ARTAS (iX) robot corrects the flaws reported on the 9X model, and revives interest in robotic FUE

  • ARTAS has equipped 260 clinics around the world since its inception, but the 9X model has been the subject of a number of criticisms, which have led some clinics to put it aside and refocus their offering on classic FUE (punch motorized or manual punch).
  • Thanks to the arrival of the iX model, these clinics are are making a come back with robotic FUE, presented as a high-end option, for a high-precision transplant.
  • We discovered the iX at the IMCAS show in Paris, in February 2019, a much smaller equipment than its predecessor, and equipped with a system for automated direct implantation.


Improvements over 9X bring speed for the doctor, and more comfort for the patient:

  • The sampling frame is wider and allows to cover (by repositioning) also the sides of the head (almost all of the donor area)
  • The double punch is now silent, the outer part of the punch streches the epidermis, to help its internal part to excise grafts efficiently
  • There are at least three diameters of punch, which can be used alternately on the same operation
  • The robot is even faster, up to 2500 - 3000 grafts in one session, with great accuracy of selection of grafts and their extraction
  • The patient is no longer sitting, but lying, and he can sleep, which greatly improves his comfort


Video, courtesy of Elite Clinic, Warsaw


In total, the assets of the iX are:

  • Hair Studio function (visualization on screen): mapping the donor zone and the receiver area, to identify the grafts (1, 2 or 3/4 hair) that are best for reimplantation
  • Robotic punch for extraction: speed, precision, and therefore low trans section (hence a maximum of grafts that repel)
  • iX implantation module: The robot is designed to make direct implantation, but in practice the medical teams prefer to carry out a conventional method (incisions and placement, or Choi implanter) because the loading of the grafts in the device of the IX is too tedious


The IX currently equips some clinics in Europe, including:

  • In France: The Clinic in Paris, Nht Europe in Avignon, and Dr. Desjardins in Rennes
  • In Poland: Dr. Gregory Tururwski in Katowice, Elite Clinic in Warsaw
  • In Germany: Dr. Afshin Moheb in Hamburg
  • In the United Kingdom: Skin and Follicle in Birmingham, Dr. Nyla Raja in Birmingham and Liverpool
  • in Spain: QMED in Vigo



Prices for a transplant with the Robot Artas:

  • Accordingly, a supplement of approximately 1500 euros on the foul rate with motorized punch


The robotic fue, for which patients?

  • Integral shaving of the head, so rather reserved for men
  • White hair dyeing in black before the procedure






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