Hair systems

Practical, aesthetic and confortable most of the time
Not always a permanent solution

Hair systems (wigs, weave, toupee, extensions..)  are designed to hide bald areas, or the full scalp.


These items have made great strides in quality and light weight (30 to 40 grams), and therefore can be an alternative to surgical hair transplant.


They are in complete harmony with the surrounding hair.



  • Women with androgenetic alopecia who are not candidates for a transplant but want a more natural and denser hair.
  • Men with a large baldness which it is not possible to cover with a hair transplant (insufficient density).
  • Patients suffering from hair loss related to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, who want to keep a natural look without resorting to unsightly wigs.
  • Patients suffering from scalp diseases, for whom transplantation is not indicated.


Meyer Alcaide Malaga : before

After system Cesare Ragazzi



  • Hair systems are usually manufactured from natural human hair, and offer easy maintenance. They can purchased "ready to wear" or by custom order (print taken from the scalp).
  • Skin flex offers adhesion without adhesives. It is a special hypoallergenic membrane that breathes and doesn't affect the hygiene of the scalp ; natural hair is implanted in the membrane.
  • Similarly, hypoallergenic adhesive tapes are resistant to heat and moisture, and their small perforations facilitate the oxygenation of the skin. The skinflex maintenance is carried out by the patient only every 4 to 6 weeks.


COST (INDICATIVE) : 150 to 800 €



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