Laser / LED therapy

Stimulates the hair root, and revitalizes follicles
Not sufficient to cure baldness

Artificial light therapy (low intensity laser, diodes) can be performed at home or clinically, to stimulate hair roots and revitalize follicles.


In association with medical treatment of alopecia.



  • Men, women, early treatment
  • Androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hair loss)
  • Temporary hair loss (illness, medication, chemotherapy)
  • After a hair transplant ....



  • LASER : in the case of hair therapy, this is low intensity laser. The light is directed to the hair and scalp, where it is converted into chemical energy, which promotes capillary regeneration.
  • The L.E.D (diodes) also make it possible to obtain a light beam of a single wavelength, with a low energy level (photo above).
  • The complete protocol takes place over 12 months, with 2 to 4 sessions a week, 20 to 30 minutes.



  • Fight against the fall and miniaturization of the hair, densify the capillary mass.
  • Stimulate the root of the hair and revitalize the follicles (slowing hair loss, better hair regrowth)
  • Strengthen hair stem (thickening of hair, better resistance)



  • Practicable both at home and at the clinic
  • These treatments work quickly and are painless.


DISADVANTAGES : no regrowth guaranted



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