Trichological consultation

Thorough examination
Requires expertise and devices

The trichological consultation includes a patient interview and clinical examinations.

It allows to :

  • make a diagnosis of hair loss
  • make a prognosis of the evolution of hair loss over time ...
  • recommend a medical treatment of the identified cause (alopecia, other disease),
  • prepare for a hair transplant (density and characteristics of the donor area, elasticity of the scalp ..).


  • age
  • a family history of androgenetic alopecia (which may be added to another cause of alopecia)
  • endocrinological disorders (dysthyroidism, menstrual irregularities in women)
  • possible deficiencies (diet, associated pathology, bleeding)
  • cosmetic habits (straightening, traction, coloring)
  • medication (chemotherapy)
  • treatments received for alopecia


  • Examination with the naked eye of the hair (aspect, density)
  • Traction test (tuft, three points of the head)
  • Trichogram (microscopic examination of hair and bulbs to evaluate % anagen and telogen phase)
  • Dermatoscopy (observation under the magnifying glass of the hair) or videodermatoscopy (high definition digital images) to differentiate the alopecia
  • Microbiological tests (search for bacteria, mycoses, ectoparasitoses, etc.)
  • Blood tests and / or hormonal analyzes (thyroid dysfunction, deficiencies and deficiencies, etc.)



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