Estepera, Istanbul

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Yunus Emre, Lütfi Aykaç Blv., Sultangazi - Istanbul - 34260 - (Turkey)


  • One of the most important hair transplant clinics in Istanbul
  • Medical team: one of the most qualified and experienced in Turkey 
  • Head of the hair transplant department: Dr Behruz UYSAL, cosmetic doctor, dermatologist
  • Founding Director: Ms Yeliz YILDI
  • Hospital: Medistanbul Hastanesi


Mrs Yeliz YILDIZ and Dr Behruz UYSAL




  • Consultation via Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telephone, E-mail 
  • Multilingual team (French, English, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian...)  
  • Airport / hotel / clinic transfers
  • All medications for the postoperative period


PRICES (in Euros) : FUE package, DHI package

The FUE pack at 2000 euros includes

  • Blood analyse
  • Interpreter during the operation
  • The transplant operation
  • PRP Plasma Rich in Platelets at the end of the intervention
  • Medications after the procedure
  • the hotel (2 nights 3 days) with breakfast included
  • Airport transfers | hotel | Clinical
  • Post-surgical follow-up 12 months


- the dermojet: 200€ (Anesthesia method without pain and without needles) 

- SAPPHIRE method 300€  (faster healing) 

- 4-month vitamin packs: 200 euros 
(Shampoo, spray and capsules that allow you to have thicker hair, accelerate growth, prevent your normal hair from falling and strengthen hair)


DHI package : inquire



  • Mesotherapy

HAIR TRANSPLANTS : FUE technique (or FUT strip technique)

  • Up to 4000 grafts per session (if necessary, second session one year later for densification)
  • Afro hair too 

Extraction of grafts :

  • FUE : extraction using a 1 mm motorized punch ( FUE without shaving optional )
  • Strip (FUT): indicated for certain patients

Implantation of grafts :

  • Micro - blades (Sapphire optional)  or needles are used to prepare the implantation sites, before the placement of the grafts
  • With the DHI method , a Choi implanter pen is used 

Duration of operation:

  • For a session of 2000 to 3000 grafts: 5 to 8 hours 



  • FUE or DHI technique 
  • Sessions of a few hours
FUE motorized (Pack) 2000 € - 2300 €
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