Dr Cinik, Istanbul

Ayazmaderesi Cd No:4 - Istanbul - 34349 Besiktas - (Turkey)
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A large team, qualified to transplant many international patients every day


The team

  • Dr. Emrah Cinik, MD, specializing in aesthetic medicine, hair transplants.
  • More than 19 years of experience, 10,000 FUE transplants.
  • Medical and Patient Support Team (65 people), at Dr. Cinik's new clinic


International patients: a dozen per day

  • Patients from Europe (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.), USA, Middle East
  • Multilingual team (English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian)
  • Online consultation (on photos), active presence in specialized forums
  • Dr. Cinik's pre-consultations with future patients (regularly organized workshops in European capitals)
  • Waiting times: quite short (about one month) because the clinic has the capacity to transplant several patients a day




The donor area contains a maximum of 12,000 grafts, so do not depopulate it unnecessarily.

Patients aged 30 to 40 years give the most satisfactory results.

The 20 to 30 years old will probably need new surgical sessions (hair loss not yet stabilized).

NEW: FUE WITH MANUAL PUNCH: for maximum extraction and regrowth quality, up to 2000 grafts per session (more over 2 days)


FUE MOTORIZED: the 4 stages (total duration between 6 and 8 hours)

1 ° Blood sampling:
  • For PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment, which accompanies the procedure (accelerates healing and regrowth)
  • For the blood test (detection of possible viruses)
2 ° Consultation with Dr. Cinik:
  • Pictures before the procedure (they will then help the doctor to find the angles and the orientation of the hair during the implantation phase)
  • Drawing of the frontal line according to the proportions of the face, (at 25 and at 60, we do not have the same frontal line).
  • Planning the number of grafts to be transplanted (over 1 or 2 days), depending on the extent of baldness, and the density objective for each area to be treated (normal density: 50 grafts / cm2, decreasing density of front to back of the head)
  • Decision regarding implantation technique (incisions + placement, or direct implantation with Choi implanter, or combination of both techniques)
  • Possible use of facial or body hair (beard, torso).
3 ° Extraction of grafts (by the medical team):
  • Complete shaving of the head, local anesthesia of the donor area
  • Isolation of grafts with motorized micro punch, diameter of 0.6 mm to 0.9 mm (eg diameter of 0.8 mm for grafts of 2-3 hairs, diameter of 0.6 mm for grafts of 1 hair )
  • Extraction with micro tweezers, classification, counting
  • Storage in a solution (physiological saline mixed with PRP of the patient, up to 10 hours of storage)
4 ° Implantation: in the recipient area
  • The team proceeds with the injection of PRP, and then with the opening of the channels (tiny incisions are made with a micro needle)
  • The team places the grafts in the incisions (one technician for each side of the head)


OPTION WITH DIRECT HAIR IMPLANTATION (DHI): maximum 2000/2500 grafts in 1 day

  • Advantages: allows to reach high densities (up to 70 grafts / cm2) because the tip of the instrument is ultra fine
  • Principle: the grafts are loaded one by one (by the medical team) into implanters (Choi), and injected into the recipient area, with the appropriate angle, orientation, and depth to create a natural look ( under the supervision of Dr. Cinik)
  • Disadvantage: it takes longer, so it's more expensive



USE OF FACIAL OR BODY HAIR (BHT): to be mixed with grafts from the donor area:

  • The beard hair (under the chin) is the first choice, the torso hair the second choice.
  • These hairs are implanted in the vertex, and mixed with hair grafts.
  • In general, 1000 to 1200 grafts, sometimes 1500. This saves the donor area, and gives good results.

Use of beard hair for BHT

Afro hair transplantation




  • Normally with punches of diameter 0.85 mm, the hair roots are bent under the dermis.
  • Maximum 2600 grafts to avoid altering the donor area (homogeneity, density)



Postoperative phase: bandage, special cap (bob), medications, and recommended treatment of Finasteride (or Saw Palmeto) for 6 to 12 months (to reduce the "shock loss"), washing with special shampoo for 10 days after the graft

Time to obtain the final result: count 12 months for the frontal part, and 15 to 16 months for the vertex


BEARD: FUE technique, using scalp hair


Beard and moustache 2280 € - 2280 €
FUE, hair transplantation 2280 € - 3290 €
Laser / LED therapy (enquire) na
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) (included in flat rate) na
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