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Why hair transplant clinics selected by Best-Hair-Clinics.com are clinics of excellence

About 250 clinics have been selected in Europe by best-hair-clinics.com for hair transplants and hair loss treatments.


Europe is an ideal continent for a medical trip, that offers exceptional opportunities for international patients looking for the best deal in hair  restoration.

Depending on your budget and your criteria (hair transplant technique, with or without shaving, personal involvement of the doctor, high-end clinic with renowned expert ...), you can target one of the specific categories created by best-hair -clinics.com to facilitate your search for a solution for a hair transplant or a hair loss treatment.


There are clinics of excellence in Europe that may not yet be listed on best-hair-clinics.com, and in this case their managers are welcome to contact us.


In a few months, the best-hair-clinics.com platform will also add clinics located in other parts of the world.


The physicians practicing in clinics listed by best-hair-clinics.com are mostly members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).


This learned society promotes good practices for hair transplants around the world.

In addition, two international associations of hair transplant surgeons, FUE Europe (see photo above) and the World FUE Institute (pictured below) regularly organize Congresses including sessions of surgery, to exchange their experiences and train medical teams.

All members of FUE Europe and the World FUE Institute practicing in Europe are listed on the platform best-hair-clinics.com

These doctors are generally well known in the European forums specialized in hair loss and hair transplant treatments for men and women.


The full spectrum of treatments and techniques is available in the 250 clinics listed on best-hair-clinics.com


Discover the most modern solutions to analyze hair loss (FotoFinder and Tricholab), to stop hair loss and stimulate hair bulbs (PRP and mesografting, for example).


If no medical or surgical solution is available for your case, or if you need a temporary option to hide your hair loss, then there are hair systems (Cezare Ragazzi, in particular).

Finally, the latest developments in the FUE technique (unshaven, afro hair transplant, new punches, special implanters, ARTAS iX robot) announce promising progress to come.


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