Budget for a hair transplant

1. Which clinics for your budget


a) Small budgets (1800€ to 3000 €):

  • Look carefully at what the clinic offer contains, and who performs the transplant
  • For 1500 - 2000 grafts, one can find clinics that charge by the graft, no more expensive than those with flat rates
  • The flat rate is especially attractive for a large number of grafts (but take care to preserve the donor area ...)




b) Medium budgets (3000€ to 8000 €):

  • Access to all other techniques (manual FUE, robotic FUE, long hair FUE, STRIP)
  • Doctors are usually involved personally in the procedure




c) Higher budgets (8000 € to 15000 €): 

  • Top doctors, world-renowned


TOP CARE      





2. Decide for a country


a) For residents in Europe:

  • Look carefully at local opportunities, before considering a trip, because the proximity has many advantages (clinical examination, possibility of spreading the transplant over several sessions, better postoperative follow-up)
  • One can find very competitive rates not far from home, for example in Spain and Portugal (from 2€ / graft), in Belgium and Germany (from 2.5€), in France (from 3€ / graft)



b) For patients residing outside Europe:

  • Give priority to essential criteria: choice of technique, choice of doctor


Medical tourism:

  • Check that there will be no language barrier, and that the clinic and the patient will be able to communicate
  • Avoid concentrating a maximum of grafts on a single operation (in some cases it is more reasonable to plan successive operations spread over time)





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