Medical tourism in Europe for a hair transplant

The 10 steps

1. Initial consultation (online, at a doctor's office)

  • Its purpose is to determine if I am a good candidate for a transplant, and how many grafts I need approximately
  • The clinics listed on are almost all able to provide me with an opinion online, in view of my photos
  • But I can also consult a dermatologist or a clinic specializing in hair transplants near my home (identify the type of alopecia, evaluate the donor area ..)



2. Budget, destination and cost estimate

  • I save an appropriate budget for a transplant in a clinic of excellence listed by, according to rates range, and according to the destination that I prefer
  • I request a quote from several clinics (with my user account) and compare them
  • I may ask for the help of to get quotes, or to choose from those I have received



3. Time for reflection

  • I take my time to think because there is never an emergency for a hair transplant
  • I take into consideration that I may need several transplants before achieving the desired result, especially if my baldness continues to evolve



4. Reservation of dates of intervention, down payment, air tickets

  • The selected clinic reserves dates for my transplant, sends me all the necessary instructions prior to my trip (send blood analysis results, take medecine)
  • I pay a deposit (credit card, bank transfer) to the clinic to block these dates, or I pay everything on site after sending a copy of my plane ticket to the clinic
  • I buy my plane ticket and I inform the clinic of my arrival time (if the clinic picks me up at the airport)



5. Medical Record

  • I complete the medical questionnaire of the clinic
  • I send blood test results (or it will be performed upon arrival)




6. Arrival at the airport and transfer to the hotel

  • If included in the services of the clinic, I am welcomed to the airport by a guide interpreter and a car takes me to the hotel.



7. Preoperative consultation

  • The doctor asks about my history of hair loss, performs the clinical examination of my hair, draws my hair line, takes blood for an analysis (and for a PRP treatment if included)



8. Surgery (FUE hair transplant)

  • I am given a local anesthesia (donor area, and then recipient area), a total or partial shaving of donor area or of the head is done, the doctor and assistants collect the grafts, which they then implant
  • I am served lunch after sampling and before implantation
  • I go back to the hotel where I take the prescribed medications



9. Postoperative Instructions, payment

  • The next day, at the clinic I am explained how to wash my hair at home, I am given a special pillow and medicines to take, and a spray with vitamins
  • The doctor checks that I can fly back safely
  • I pay the balance of the service, the invoice may in some cases be adjusted very exactly to the number of grafts actually implanted



10. Return, postoperative follow-up

  • I go home, and normally I do not need to come back a few months later for a check
  • If I have a problem, redness or pain, I call the doctor who grafted me, or I consult locally



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