Nurses and technicians, experts in hair transplants, available in Europe and abroad


JED - 2024 - Spanish FUE Technician, 28 years old, speaks English, freelance, looking for missions in Spain, and in countries like France, Switzerland, or possibly permanent employment.

  • FUE technician with several years of experience in a hair transplant clinic in Madrid
  • In-person and telephone customer service, appointments, organization of schedules
  • Operating room preparation, resolution of pre- and post-operative issues
  • Follicular unit extraction, follicles counting, follicular units implantation, postoperative care
  • Performing infiltrations based on hair therapies.


Ref COP - 2023 : Spanish male technician, all steps of FUE + DHI surgery, highly qualified, autonomous, impressive before-after results, fluent in English

  • 5 years work experience in clinics in Turkey and Spain
  • Qualified and trained for large surgeries up to 4000 grafts
  • Harvesting grafts with a micromotor punch, extraction with forceps
  • Channels opening with sapphire blade and placement with forceps
  • Or direct hair implantation with Lion or Choi
  • Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Hardworker, looking for well paid permanent job or free lance missions in Europe


REF MOB - 2023 : Polish FUE senior technician, FUE and DHI fully mastered, she is interested in working with clinics on a freelance basis, anywhere in Europe

  • Trained at the 2 top Belgian clinics
  • Extraction : motorized punch , drilling the hair units with the utmost care, pull the grafts out
  • Implantation : make incisions and place manually using forceps, or using CHOI or Devroye implanters 
  • Team of 2 : with an experienced colleague, we are able to perform up to 3,000 grafts per procedure
  • Currently living in Poland, can travel to any country for at least 5 procedures in a row.
  • Main languages are English and Polish.
  • She knows the European market perfectly
  • CV available on request


REF TEV - 2023 : team of 2 technicians, Indian nationals based in London, can perform all FUE surgery steps, available for missions in London

  • Looking for free lance missions in clinics in London
  • Can do a full case together
  • Skills : measure donor size  density, grafts harvesting with motorized punch, grafts counting and preservation, assist phsycian for channels opening prior to placement
  • Can do also solo missions if required by the client


REF CYT - 2023 : Experienced female nurse, Greek national, fluent in English, can assist doctor for extraction and for Direct Hair Implantation

  • Nursing degree from Greek University
  • 7 years of experience in a Greek top hair transplant clinic
  • Removal of grafts with forcpes, sorting of grafts, loading of implanters (very fast, 1000 grafts per hour)
  • Prepared to learn in order to get more autonomy 
  • She can also do the hairline design and anesthesia
  • Looking for job opportunities and new horizons


REF ASA - 2023 : Experienced male Turkish FUE technician, based in Germany near Bayern, looking for job (fluent in English, Turkish, Arabic, learning German)

  • FUE 8 years experience, all steps (anesthesia, grafts harvesting, channels openings and placement of gratfs) My wife and I have 8 years of experience
  • DHI also, with two years experience
  • Personal Instagram page with all patients results achieved at the two Turkish clinics he has worked with
  • He left Turkey to settle in Germany (near Bayern), with his wife who has also 8 years experience in FUE
  • Looking for permanent position (clinic will have to apply for his work permit)
  • Free lance missions possible also


REF SAS - 2023 : Iranian nurse (female), 3 years expertise in all steps of hair transplants, looking for permanent job in Denmark (already obtained work permit XG1 visa )

  • Bachelor's degree in nursing from a recognized institution in Iran
  • Experience and expertise nearly 3 years in hair analysis and consultation, hair transplantation, mesotherapy, and PRP injections
  • Fluent in English
  • Can provide Resume and impressive photos of before after results from her work
  • Will be immigrating to Denmark legally in a few months
  • Already authorized to work legally in Denmark (XG1 visa and nursing certification verified by the Danish Health and Safety Authority)
  • Looking for a permanent position in a clinic in Denmark


REF JAK - 2023 : German Hair Transplantation (FUE) technician, free lancer, looking for missions abroad

  • Free lancer, technician in FUE hair transplantation in Germany, 4 years experience
  • FUE and DHI : she can do all steps, extraction with punch 8,0, implantation  phase
  • Education : Medical department, Robert - Schumann vocational college
  • German born, 28 years old, speaks German, and also English
  • Looking for missions or assignement abroad



Ref MOH - 2022 : Egyptian nurse (male), Arabic and English speaking, with extensive training in hair transplants, looking for a position in a clinic in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, other...

  • Nursing degree from Egyptian university
  • Two years of professional experience in hair transplants in two clinics in Cairo
  • Can perform all steps of hair transplant (punching, sorting, incisions with sapphire blade, placement of grafts)
  • Before after results (photos available)
  • Looking for a job in a country where English and / or Arabic language are in use


Ref NAL - 2022 : Young and experienced Turkish team, free lance technicians

  • 31 years old Turkish woman, medical laboratory technician university diploma, with 10 years experience of hair transplantation (clinics in Istanbul, Doha and Dubai)
  • She is team leader and in charge of the operations.
  • She personally performs extraction of grafts, and makes incisions in the recipient area
  • Implanting part is done by her with the help of one nurse or 2 nurses.
  • If the nurse has enough experience to do extraction as well, they do not need to be three.
  • Number of grafts depends on the donor area, but usually the team achieves 3000-4000 grafts for each patient.
  • She can train nurses



Ref IRI - 2021: Team of 3 free lance hair transplant technicians, based in Spain, headed by an Irish senior nurse  :

  • Already doing successful missions in a French clinic, can perform all steps of surgery, at clinics located in the European Union and Switzerland
  • Available for a few days or for up to 2 weeks.
  • English and Spanish spoken.



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