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Last updated : May 2022

The web site www.best-hair-clinics.com is the property of Athenys International (SIRET 813 219 599 00012), an SAS company registered  9 rue Frédéric Passy 06000 - NICE, France, set up by French shareholders. 


1. Services provided by the site

The www.best-hair-clinics.com website is a web portal designed to help its users ("Patients") to select personally their medical and surgical service providers, specializing in the treatment of hair loss ("Clinics"), on the basis of the information made available by the site.


The website also facilitates the connection of users with providers, but its Operator does not guarantee that the providers will respond to all users requests.


2. Services not provided by the site

The Operator of the website is not a medical professional, nor a medical service provider, neither a medical consultant.


The Operator of www.best-hair-clinics.com is not implied in the medical and surgical treatment contractually provided by Clinics to Patients who use the site. Therefore, the Operator does not assume any responsibility for these medical treatments and chirugical acts.


3. Website Content

Factsheets on Treatments were compiled by the Operator from different sources and are only indicative : Patients are encouraged to seek additional information from medical professionals.


Factsheets on Clinics were mostly prepared by the Operator with the information collected from the individual websites of Clinics, and with informations provided by the Clinics to the Operator. The Operator reserves the right to remove some factsheets, for reasons which it will not have to justify..


The Prices of the Treatments are either coming from the pricelist published or disclosed by the Clinics, or from costs actually paid by Patients.


4. Limitation of Liability (Disclaimer)

The Operator informs its users that www.best-hair-clinics.com aims to assist them in their search for medical services, that it is not a provider of medical services nor a medical scientific reference, and that it cannot replace a consultation with a general practitioner or with a specialist doctor for any recommendation of treatment.


Therefore, the Operator does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of information, advice, and prices available on this website (FAQ, factsheets on Treatments and  Clinics, etc ..).


In addition, the Operator assumes no responsibility for the quality of services provided by Clinics and other providers listed by the portal, nor for the qualification of their medical teams. Therefore the Operator cannot be liable for the consequences of the use of these Clinics or other providers, and cannot be tried as part of an action for damages.


5. Intellectual Property

The domain name best-hair-clinics.com and the logo are the property of the site operator, and are protected as trademarks. Site design www.best-hair-clinics.com and creative content are protected by copyright. The law sui generis on databases protects databases, where they exist.


Trademarks and trade names contained on the portal are property of their respective owners. The operator of www.best-hair-clinics.com asked clinics referenced on the portal their consent or non-objection to the publication of their individual fiche of presentation as written by the portal operator.


These clinics have therefore renounced all claims on intellectual property rights over this content, and they specifically left free of rights the use by www.best-hair-clinics.com  of pictures collected from their own site internet, or pictures they have supplied specifically to www.best-hair-clinics.com .


Any use, copying, reproduction, publication of elements of this site, without the prior permission of the www.best-hair-clinics.com operator, is a violation of the intellectual property rights that this operator owns.


6. Personal data and privacy policy

Protection of Data relating to our Internet Users: In accordance with the transparency obligation defined in the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2018), the Operator specifies that:


This portal does not collect any personal data without the knowledge of its Users.


The personal data collected are exclusively those contained in the online form voluntarily completed by each User, either to send a request to one or more clinics of his or her choice, or to contact the Operator's Assistance service.


The fields to be filled in the form are relating to contact details (name, surname, email address, telephone, country), the age of the user, and photos showing the state of hair loss.


Therefore, each User acknowledges and accepts that the Operator of the internet portal www.best-hair-clinics.com will validate and transmit electronically to the selected clinics the text of his or her request and the photos attached, including to clinics that are located outside the European Union, and therefore not subject to the same data protection rules.


Each User also agrees that the Operator can use his personal details to contact him by email or telephone, if necessary.


Internet Users have the possibility to request the deletion of these data by sending an email to the webmaster.


The Operator declines all responsibility for the use made by Clinics of personal data included in messages sent to Clinics by our Users (requests for information, online diagnosis, quotes, appointments, etc..).


- Security of personal data : The Operator of www.best-hair-clinics.com undertakes to secure as much as it can the collected personal data, in particular by using a trusted internet service provider, and by ensuring to securing its own servers and those of its web agency.


- Legal Statement : A standard declaration to the French authorities (CNIL) has been registered under n° 1956972 .


7. Cookies

"Cookies" facilitate the use of our web portal, and they do not collect any personal data. They allow our system to display the website in the language of the users. They are also used for statistical purposes (pages viewed, browser type), including Google Analytics. They can also help browsers to load pages more quickly when visiting our website.


8. Links to other websites

Links from www.best-hair-clinics.com  to other web sites can connect our visitors with other content and other systems, which are in no way the responsibility of the Operator, particularly as regards the possible collection of personal data and their use by the operators of these third party web sites.


9. Governing law and Jurisdiction

These "Terms of Use" are governed by French law, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts.

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