Free lance and full time medical staff, qualified for hair transplants

Why demand for FUE hair transplant doctors and technicians is increasing in Western Europe ?


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Aesthetic clinics that also want to offer hair transplants


That is why today we see a strong demand for FUE skills, emanating from beauty care clinics, anti aging clinics, who wish to offer their patients a hair restoration option in the form of medical care and hair transplantation. .


They have doctors who are able to consult with patients, supervise the work of technicians, and perform local anesthesia before the transplant, then give post-operative advice.


And they are looking for expert technicians with very broad skills in FUE hair transplantation, who can:

  • perform all stages of FUE surgery (extraction, sorting and counting, incisions and placement), under the responsibility of the clinic's doctor (who performs the anesthetic step)
  • assist the doctor during the consultation (drawing of the frontal hairline, number of grafts, medical treatment, etc.)
  • assist the clinic in the selection of instruments, tools, consumables needed for FUE (knowledge of manufacturers)
  • advise on the content of postoperative medical kits for patients contribute to the training of clinic assistants



Freelance doctors, nurses and technicians, specialized in FUE hair transplants


It is quite possible to find independent multilingual HT experts ("freelance"), who carry out "in situ" missions, to perform a hair transplant program over a few days, planned in advance by the clinic. for its own patients.


The client clinic must take care of the plane tickets and the hotel during the mission.


The use of freelances is an excellent solution to launch a "hair transplant" offer in an aesthetic clinic, it being understood that these temporary teams can contribute to the training of permanent teams, who will take over thereafter.


Our intermediation service:

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  • our "success fee", payable by the clinic only in the event of a satisfactory relationship for both parties


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