Doctors with expertise in hair transplants, available in Europe and abroad


REF PAN - 2023 : Young experienced female surgeon, Indian national, fluent in English, willing to settle in Europe or do free lance missions 

  • MDS in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (India)
  • 7 years performing FUE hair transplant surgeries in New Dlehi, India.
  • Well versed in Hair loss medical treatments (PRP, Mesotherapy)
  • Looking for opportunities to work in Europe (full time job or free lance missions)


REF ALO - 2022  : Female hair transplant surgeon, based in Spain, FUE technique

  • Medical and Surgical Degree from Colombia (homologated in Spain.)
  • Master’s degree in Aesthetics and Anti-Aging
  • Master in hair transplantation (TECH university, Spain) and work experience for 2 years in clinic in Spain
  • Looking for missions in Europe, preferably permanent job in Spain or other EU country
  • Fluent in Spanish and English


REF PCH - 2022 :  Spanish Free lance highly experienced hair transplant surgeon (FUE + DHI)

  • Looking for missions in Europe outside Spain, available 15 days every month. 
  • Can bring his team of technicians to 
  • Fluency in Spanish, English, and Italian 
  • The surgeon (Master in Trichology and Hair Transplant) has 4 years experience in hair restoration
  • He performs all steps of hair surgery (anesthesia, motorized extraction and implantation with Zafiro + Keep and Lion Implanters). 
  • Member of the World FUE Institute


Ref SAV - 2022 - Young talented Georgian woman, Medical Doctor (graduate from University of Tbilisi), expert in hair transplant surgery (17 years).

  • She has trained more than 300 doctors and assistants in the field of hair restoration worldwide (Surgical Assistant's Program Vice chair at the 25th annual meeting of ISHRS in Prague, Czech Republic). 
  • In addition, she has a Master degree in Business Administration.
  • Fluent in English, Russian, French and Georgian.
  • Looking for a permanent position in a clinic in the EU (she would be working part time under local doctor’s license as Junior doctor for 3 - 4 years while training in Dermatologic or Maxillofacial surgery until she gets her  EU postgraduate diploma).

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Or leave a message on WhatsApp +33 6 99 58 39 95

N.B. our "success fee" is payable by the clinic only in the event of a satisfactory relationship for both parties

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