Message from FUE Europe and World FUE Institute speakers

FUE hair transplants technologies will continue to evolve and improve...


World FUE Institute :

4th annual Workshop, June 20 - 22, 2019, Avignon, France





The conference was held in the historical surroundings of the Palais des Papes in Avignon, and it ended with a day of "live" surgery on voluntary patients at Natural Hair Transplant clinic (Dr. Philippe Ginouves).


It brought together around 200 people, including 40 WFI members (South and North America, Europe, Asia), who made technical presentations on all aspects of the FUE hair transplants during the plenary sessions. In the next room, sponsors  promoted instruments and supplies (U-Graft, Mamba, Ertip, Lion, Doctus, InFery, Scharf, Zavimed), hair loss treatments (Rigenera meso transplants), hair systems (Cesare Ragazzi), services (TrichoLab digital diagnostics, Milena Lardi micro-pigmentation training, Dr. Feriduni's Patient Care application). In total, the current evolutions on FUE hair transplant techniques have been perfectly illustrated (read more after the photos).


Jean-Luc Waller

Training session:
donor area on models

Dr Bruno Ferreira : manual FUE


Inside the Palais des Papes

Plenary sessions : technical presentations

Live surgery at Dr Philippe Ginouves' clinic

Dr Schambach and Dr Trivellini

Live surgery at Dr Philippe Ginouves' clinic

Gala dinner


Personally, I have particularly noticed the current innovations in motorized punches (for example, Dr. Trivellini's Mamba is equipped with a suction system for aspirating fluids and a device for extracting long hair, the U- Graft of Dr. Sanusi Umar has a lubrication system that facilitates the extraction of grafts, especially for Afro-Caribbean type hair).


I also noted that the "FUE No shave" method is developing thanks to new equipment (punches, implanters) adapted to long hair, and because "FUE no shave" can also be achieved by trimming (1 cm long) individually the hair to be transplanted (preparation phase, usually the day before the surgery).


Digital diagnosis (assessment of donor area potential, post-op mapping) makes a big leap forward with Dr. Koray Erdogan's KE.BOT, and with the Fotofinder multifunctional imaging platform (Fotofinder Trichoscale pro software, in association with TrichloLab services), which produces a wealth of information for the analysis of hair loss and donor area.


Finally, all the speakers pointed out that Finasteride remains the essential medical treatment to guarantee the success of a hair transplant and to preserve the patient's hair in the long term (hence the interest that some patients have in Finasteride in lotion or gel, which acts directly on the scalp, with lighter doses that reduce the risk of side effects).

FUE Europe : 

8th Conference, Manchester, June 6 – 9, 2019


I was priviledged and delighted to attend the 8th annual Conference of the dynamic association FUE Europe, which attracted 200 participants, not only from Europe, but also from the USA, Brazil, India, South Korea, Thailand.


Radisson Blu hotel, Manchester Airport, has been a great place to hear speakers deliver their outstanding experience in FUE technique, to discover exhibitors offer (medical equipement like Cole, Ertip, Scharf, SmartGraft, Tricholab, also Laser Caps, etc..), and to listen to the experience of moderators of hair loss forums (France, Germany, UK, Italy), who are joining into an Alliance4hair.


President Bisanga, Dr John Cole (Scientific Director), and Dr Shamalak (Crown clinic in Manchester) had included in the program an impressive live surgery, broadcast to the conference room (hair transplant, eyebrows and eyelashes restoration) from the clinic.



For all of us, it has been a fantastic opportunity to learn about best pratices in FUE, and do some networking.

We all look forward to attend next year's conference in Berlin (May 7th - 10th, 2020), which will be hosted by Dr Reza Azar.

Jean-Luc WALLER (Director,


FUE Europe : 

7th Congress, Malaga, Spain, 26-28 April 2018


I had the exceptional opportunity to attend the Malaga Congress and to meet with the doctors and other participants (120 people attended).


So well organized, most interesting presentations by outstanding speakers, and the last morning in a surgery room of the BHR Spain clinic (actually Galves Hospital, close to the cathedral), watching a hair transplant being performed.


On top of it, a memorable gala dinner in an exclusive place, and coffee breaks and luncheons were also a great occasion to meet people.


Not to mention the fact that being located in the historical center of Malaga made it even more enjoyable.


It has been my first "live" opportunity to tell people about, and the idea of having a platform dedicated exclusively to European hair transplant services was welcome by all those I have discussed with.

Jean-Luc WALLER (Director,

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