Best hair transplant clinics in Hungary

Hungary, a country specializing in medical tourism

Medical tourism is a booming sector, many patients from Europe and elsewhere come every year for cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments in Hungary.

The main advantage of the treatments offered by Hungarian clinics is their excellent quality / price ratio.

In Budapest:

  • Sikos Clinic: led by Dr Géza Sikos (ISHRS member), certified plastic surgeon, 25 years of experience in hair transplants, who offers both motorized FUE (WAW hybrid punch) and STRIP, and also knows how to transplant afro hair
  • PROHAIR: Dr Tamás Mantse (ISHRS) is specialized in manual FUE, and STRIP
  • HairPalace: team of 8 doctors and surgeons, plus assistants, motorized FUE and direct hair implantation (DHI). Consultations in France, Germany, England.
  • HairHungary: Dr. Brigitta Gergely and 3 assistants offer hair loss treatments (Regenera Activa), and transplants with motorized FUE.


Other cities:

  • In Szeged, Doctor Hair Clinic, a large team made up of 10 young doctors who are passionate about their profession, and who specialize in manual FUE hair transplant (the cheapest in Europe!)


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