Hair transplants in Austria

Austrian professionalism applied to hair transplants!

Austria is a country with a excellent infrastructure for medical services.

It is very attractive for patients from neighboring countries in Europe.

A typical clinic in Austria has the latest medical technology, advanced equipment, first class level of comfort and service.

Moser Medical Group in Vienna is very representative of high quality Austrian clinics, characterized by exemplary professionalism. It was founded by the Moser family, who is in charge of its management. Dr Markus Horacek and Dr Franz Veit are leading a large team of surgical assistants. The quality is comparable to an ISO certification.

Dr. Daryousch Parvizi and Dr. Norbert Kohrgruber, two plastic surgeons specializing in hair transplants, are also in Vienna.

In Klagenfurt, in the south of Austria, PKLP Ästhetic is the clinic of Dr. Peter Lisborg (more than 18 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, and 10 years in the field of hair transplantation).


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