Excellent results
Need to trim grafted eyebrows

Warning : the cause for sparseness of eyebrows should be assessed first (genetic problem, disease, compulsive picking habits - trichotillomania, over epilation), before planning a transplantation.


FUE technique (or possibly STRIP) can be used for harvesting donor hairs (from the scalp or from the body).


After selecting single hair follicles, the surgeon places them into the eyebrow area with similar caliber, angles and directions than the original.


A medium sized transplant for both eyebrows usually requires 300-500 grafts, and 800-1000 grafts for a total restoration.


Large framed eyeglasses can be used to hide the transplanted area, for two weeks, until eyebrows will begin to surface. The final outcome should be visible within one year.



Eyebrows might require trimming and contouring (mascara, gel or wax).



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