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Need to trim grafted eyelashes

External causes of loss of eyelashes: illness, radiotherapy, accident, burns, artificial eyelashes, permanent makeup, Trichotillomania, etc.

Some women naturally have short, sparse or thin eyelashes, and would like to have long, thick and natural looking eyelashes.

Hairs are usually only grafted onto the upper eyelid.

Each single hair is introduced into the eyelid in a curved incision (same orientation as the original eyelash) and it is then cut to the right length.

Generally 25 to 30 hairs are transferred per eyelid.

In restoring the eyelashes, complications are to be expected (itches, scratching of eyes) and prevented (goggles and medication).

Not all patients are good candidates for this procedure.

The grafted hairs need to be trimmed once a week and curled using an eyelash curler.



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