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  • Multilingual comparator www.best-hair-clinics.com launched in 2016
  • Currently 400 visitors a day from all over the world
  • 3000 user accounts already opened
  • Hundreds of requests sent to clinics, with photos to receive a cost estimate


CLINICS LISTED: 250 to date, more to come

  • Priority to Doctors members of main organizations: ISHRS, FUE Europe, World FUE Institute (WFI)
  • Wide variety of prices, techniques, results
  • Showcase of European excellence


FOUNDER: Jean-Luc Waller

  • Participation in Congresses of doctors specialized in hair transplants: 1 congress in 2018, 2 in 2019
  • Regular contact with doctors and patient coordinators
  • Assistance to users for their choice of clinics

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