Hair transplants in Georgia

Georgia, an excellent opportunity for medical tourism

Georgia has several excellent hair transplant clinics, all located in the capital Tbilisi.

Why make the trip? to benefit from leading medical services, with world class doctors, and all this at very attractive prices.

These three clinics offer the two techniques, FUE and STRIP, which can help treat severe baldness when combined.

In addition, these teams offer professional training in hair transplant techniques, for doctors and assistants.

In terms of tourism, change of scenery guaranteed at the gates of Europe, cultural and religious heritage, wilderness in the hinterland.

In Tbilisi:

  • Tsilosani Hair Transplantation Institute: Dr Akaki Tsilosani, Fellow ISHRS. His clinic is one of the few where 7000 grafts can be transplanted in a single session.
  • Talizi Clinic: Dr. Vazha Vadachkoria (ISHRS), director, and 3 other surgeons specializing in hair transplants.
  • Hairline International: cosmetic surgery clinic, team specializing in hair treatments and hair transplantation (5 dermatologists and trichologists, 3 doctors for hair transplants).


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