Beard transplant

With head hair or beard hair, and DHI option

This is a procedure that is gaining popularity because the beard is sometimes a male symbol even more important than the hair.


To create a goatee, it will take 1200 - 1500 grafts, to create a beard, 2000 - 3000 grafts.


These grafts are:

  • hair taken from the donor area of the patient (back of the head)
  • or beard hair collected under the chin (700 grafts in one session, with a potential of 2000 grafts in the same patient).
  • or body hair (chest hair, legs)


Generally extracted with the FUE technique:

  • manual or motorized punch, or ARTAS robot
  • partial shaving of the donor area


Exceptionally the grafts are extracted with the technique of the strip (STRIP).


Implantation of the grafts:

  • placement in incisions made previously by the surgeon in the part to be restored
  • or direct injection with a Choi implanter (DHI), to obtain a maximum of density


Dr Ferry Biparvar, Rotterdam

Sergey, 1700 grafts to create a beard

Manual FUE with DHI

(Dr Schnayder, HFE, Moscou)



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