FUE, compared to STRIP


  • Men: Alopecia: androgenetic, cicatricial
  • Women: Alopecia: androgenetic (if healthy donor area), traction, scarring, certain effluvia
  • All hair types (N.B. curly, frizzy and afro hair require special expertise with FUE)
  • From 25 years old (recommended)
  • Densification of thinning hair, baldness restoration
  • Restoration of beard, mustache, eyebrows, eyelashes


  • Densify thinned areas, restore baldness (small, medium, large), in one or more sessions (each spaced from six months to a year at least, not to depopulate too quickly donor area, or to anticipate the evolution of baldness).
  • Create a beard, restore eyebrows or eyelashes ..
  • If necessary, use body hair instead of hair.


  • Natural hair is transplanted, for all life
  • Minimally invasive surgery, without risk of complications (unlike the STRIP technique)
  • Patients apprehend FUE in a completely de-dramatized way (no wound that can mean pain or tension of the scalp, no stitches, no worry of linear scar)
  • Micro scars almost invisible (possibility of wearing short hair)
  • Simplified postoperative follow-up
  • FUE is ery flexible, easy to schedule multiple sessions
  • Cost: practically at the same levels as the STRIP technique, sometimes FUE is even cheaper.


  • Like all transplants, only possible under certain conditions (healthy hair or body hair available)
  • FUE longer and more tedious than the STRIP technique, so can be significantly more expensive.
  • May require multiple sessions for a large transplant
  • Prior shaving of the donor area: this disadvantage can easily be overcome (important in women in particular) by a partial shave, and by the coverage of the shaved area by the surrounding long hair.
  • With a mini-punch with a diameter greater than 1 mm, risk of visible scars.
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