Regenera Activa AMT

One session is enough to ensure significant regrowth
To be renewed every year or every 2 years

Regenera Activa AMT (Autologous Micrografting Techology)


A new technique of regenerative medicine, also applied in hair loss treatment


Indication : men and women, regenerative medicine for androgenetic alopecia, at an early stage (Norwood 2 and 3)


The procedure with Rigenera technology usually takes 20-60 minutes.


1° First the physician will collect a small fragment of scalp (one to three biopsies with a diameter of 2.5 mm) from the hairline on your neck (the area the least prone to androgenic hair loss).


2° Then, the collected grafts will be disaggregated into the Rigenerakit device, where 1.2 ml of saline solution has been added.


3° The concentrate of stem cells and growth factors (called the lyophilizate), with regenerative properties, will be injected into your scalp, in the hair loss area.


The treatment helps slowing down the hair loss, improves density and thickness of primitive hair.


New hair growth may be seen in the second stage of regeneration (next 6 months).


More than 4000 patients have been treated worldwide with this method since 2015, the time of the invention and registration of the method. 


The session must be repeated every year or every 2 years.


PRICE : 1000 - 1500 €





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