TrichoLAB Trichoscopy

Excellent hair loss diagnostic support
Investment for the clinic


  • For doctors who are looking for an easy, fast and accurate method to diagnose the causes of hair loss, trichoscopy (FotoFinder Trichovision®, Germany) is a great leap forward. 
  • Exclusively for FotoFinder medical users, the TrichoLAB service team (based in Poland) provides a detailed trichoscopic report which differentiates majority of hair disorders.
  • This report is offered as a "second medical opinion" but many doctors use it as a first opinion for their hair loss diagnosis.



Unlike the traditional trichogram, videotrichoscopy is a painless procedure without taking a sample of hair, and without biopsy. 


A digital camera (FotoFinder Trichovision®) combined with FotoFinder Trichoscale pro software allows to :

  • quantify the exact dimension of hair loss (number of hairs, hair density, anagen-telogen rate), 
  • quantify diffuse hair loss, 
  • analyse important parameters in trichology (follicular units, hair thickness).  

It can be linked directly to the TrichoLAB service.


SERVICES :      

TrichoLAB trichoscopy report :

  • may distinguish scarring versus nonscarring alopecia, androgenetic alopecia vs telogen effluvium and supports the diagnosis of alopecia areata, lichen planopilaris, anagen effluvium, folliculitis decalvans, discoid lupus erythematosus, trichotillomania, tinea capitis.
  • consists of four parts : Patient's data, x70 images taken with hair units marked, Hair statistics, Conclusions


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