Dr Servet Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic, Istanbul

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Akat, Ebulula Mardin Cd. No:20 - ?stanbul, - 34330 Besiktas - (Turkey)


  • Dr. Servet Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic
  • Dr. Terlizer is an expert of hair transplantation and hair loss treatments, with 30 years of worldwide experience




  • Dr. Servet Terziler graduated from Istanbul Medical Faculty in 1991 .
  • Dr. Altinisik is Medical Aesthetics physician who has adopted a holistic approach to treatment



INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS : why choose Dr Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic

  • The team is multilingual : English, French, Spanish, Italian, Roman, German, Arabic, etc..
  • Newest technologies, Innovative hair treatments protocols
  • Private VIP rest rooms after the surgery
  • Patient follow-up protocols for 1 year
  • Patient satisfaction guaranteed World class center of excellence


HAIR CHECK-UP :  lasts an average of 1-1.5 hours

  • Anyone suffering from hair loss, itching on the scalp, excessive dandruff or loss of elasticity of the hair can have a hair check-up
  • Trichological tests : a sample is taken from the scalp to detect hair and scalp problems, to diagnose hair diseases.
  • Genetic hair test (Trichotest by Fagron Labs) : genetics plays a major role in the factors affecting hair health. The test helps to develop personal formulas (hair serums, vitamins) that slow down hair and scalp problems, sometimes stop them.


HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS :  according to hair check-up

  • Low laser therapy
  • Mesotherapy : Growth factor treatment ( once a week, 10 sessions)
  • Acell Plasma



  • Hair transplants for women and hair transplants for men
  • Hair transplantation is performed with the meticulousness of a master of jewellery




  • Sapphire FUE hair transplantation
  • DHI Robotic : Dr. Terziler is the first and only physician in Turkey to apply the “Robotic DHI Hair Transplantation method”  (watch the video)






PRICING : Pack 4000€ (+ 2000€ if Dr Terziler performs the procedure himself)



  • Initial consultation, follow-up, final check-up by Dr Terziler
  • Extra speed, maximum frequency with robotic DHI technology
  • Painless operation with sedation
  • Unshaven Hair Transplant
  • Extensive blood test
  • Lunch at the clinic
  • Private rest room in the clinic
  • Transfer between Airport – Hotel – Clinic by private car
  • Accommodation in 5-star hotel (2 nights, 3 days, breakfast included)
  • Interpreter support during treatment in the clinic
  • Wash-free care after hair transplantation (Antibacterial wound care and moisturising spray, first in the world)
  • Painkillers, Anti-edema, Antibiotics, Ice gel, Neck pillow to be used after transplantation
  • 1 Month Feeluxo Hair care set (Serum, Shampoo, Capsule)
  • 1-year follow-up after hair transplantation
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Certificate


FUE, hair transplantation (4000 - 5000 grafts) 4000 € - 6000 €
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