Best hair transplant clinics in Russia

In Russia, high level clinics at often very competitive rates

The tourist riches of Moscow are well known, in particular the Red Square and the seven monasteries with their golden domes. In the new Vinzavod district, the old 19th century gas tanks have been transformed into art galleries. Between trendy restaurants open 24 hours a day, concept stores and fashion designers, this is a city where party, pomp and glamor have become the watchwords.

In St Petersburg, a city out of the imagination of Tsar Peter the Great, a window open to Europe, we visit the houses of Dostoevsky, Gogol or Pushkin. This "Venice of the North" offers 342 bridges to cross the Neva, and you can spend whole days at the Hermitage Museum.

Clinics in Moscow:

  • HFE Clinic: Dr Oksana Shnayder, ISHRS member, FUE Europe, has more than 14 years of experience in the field of hair restoration surgery. 
  • Lisine Hair Clinic: Dr Alexis Akakievich Makharashvili, surgeon, and Dra Diana Guladievna Papaskiri, both members of ISHRS
  • Real Trans Hair: Dr Vladimir Léonidovitch Orlovsky (more than 7000 hair transplants), and Dr. Igor Tskhay, specialized in FUE (more than 5000 interventions). The team is completed by 4 dermatologists (Trichology division) and many nurses.

Clinics in St Petersburg:

  • the Volos Center: Dr. Tatyana Valentinovna Silyuk, Trichologist, Head of Clinic, Dr. Nikolaly Naumov (ISHRS) and Dr Andrei Doroshkevich (ISHRS), specialists in hair transplants
  • The Volosy Clinic established in 2004, specializes in the diagnosis of hair loss and surgical hair restoration. Dr Sergei Vasilievich Fedorov (ISHRS) and Dr Alexander Vasilievich Volkov.
  • Nordic Medical Center: Dr Oleg Sertšenkov, is a renowned anesthesiologist, specialized in hair transplants since 2001.

Ekaterinburg clinic:

  • Trichology Center: Dr Elena Uryupina, FUE hair transplants


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