Best hair transplant clinics in Switzerland

Switzerland: very high level medical services


Switzerland is known for its pharmaceutical industry and its precision industries, symbols of the high level of quality and requirement that is traditional in this country.

For hair transplants and hair treatments:

Clinics in Zurich:

  • Dr Bettina Rümmelein: she teams up with recognized plastic surgeons
  • Dr Conradin von Albertini (ISHRS): general surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, specialized in hair transplantation
  • Dr Lars Heitmann, Vice President of FUE-Europe
  • Dr Peter Nyberg: leading specialist for hair transplants and scalp surgery at the University Hospital Zurich
  • Hair & Body Atelier, by Dr. Saskia de Smet and Dr. Erwin Lemmens
  • Formaxis: Dr Beatrice Banholzer performs hair transplantation with her team of four medical assistants, member of ISHRS
  • HaarInstitut, trichology, hair thickening, hair replacement, professional team.
  • Hair Esthetic: Dr. Maria Petrus has over 20 years of experience in micro hair transplants.

Other cities :

  • Hattingen in Schaffhausen, by Dr. Voy specializing in Giga-Mega-sessions by strip
  • Laclinic in Montreux, from Dr Jean-Charles Bayol, a graduate of the French College of Plastic Surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic, performs hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty.
  • MHR Clinic in Geneva, of Dr Ioannis Marmagiolis specialist in FUE hair transplant with more than 10 years of experience
  • SM Hair Transplant in Basel, by Dr Emese Sipos, member of FUE Europe
  • Aslan Medical in Geneva, from Dr Raphaël Meyer, doctor, aesthetic medicine, specialized in hair surgery, member of the FUE World Institute
  • Clinic Pilopro in Zurichsee, by Dr. Hannes Domeisen, 20 years of medical and surgical experience, specialized in hair transplants, ISHRS member
  • Lémanic Clinic in Lausanne, from Dr. Véronique Emmenegger, specialist in dermatology


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