Aslan Medical, Geneva

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Rue de la Croix d’or 7 - Genève - 1204 - (Switzerland)
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  • Aesthetic Center ASLAN
  • Dr. Raphaël Meyer, doctor, aesthetic medicine, specialized in hair surgery
  • Member of the FUE World Institute
  • Emilie Boulay, specialist in tricopigmentation
  • Two assistants in hair surgery

PRICES: 1CHF = 0.85 €

  • Medical consultation: 100CHF
  • PRP: per session: 600 CHF
  • Mesotherapy (200 CHF per session), Photobiomodulation by LLLT (80 CHF per session), Mesotherapy coupled to photobiomodulation by LLLT (250 CHF per session)
  • FUE automated or STRIP : 4 CHF / graft up to 1000 grafts, 3.5 CHF 1000 to 2000 grafts, 3 CHF 2000+ grafts
  • Beard transplant: from 3500 CHF, same price / graft as for hair transplants
  • Eyebrows transplant: from 2500 CHF
  • Tricopigmentation (SMP): Eyebrows (400 to 800 CHF), Scars (400 - 800 CHF), Increased density (275 CHF / hour of work)


  • Medical treatment (finasteride, minoxidil),
  • Mesotherapy, photobiomodulation, and in some specific cases, injections of PRP (plasma rich in platelets, 1 session per month over 3 months).


1. Extraction

  • AUTOMATED FUE: Cole Instruments motorized punch, diameters from 0.7 to 1mm, shaving adapted to the number of grafts to be removed, up to 3000 grafts in one session.
  • BODY HAIR TRANSPLANT (BHT): exclusively technical FUE; harvesting of hair in the back, torso or beard; posterior placement (mid-scalp, vertex) or to correct old scars.
  • STRIP TRICOPHYTIC (strip): strip 10 to 20 cm wide and 1 to 2.5 cm wide, trichophytic suture (for a thin scar, not very visible), 1000 to 5000 grafts depending on the case (to treat large bald areas).

2. Implantation : incisions to create recipient sites, and placement with micro forceps

BEARD, EYEBROWS: FUE technique, or STRIP technique, grafts of 1 hair

TRICOPIGMENTATION: 1 month interval between sessions, hair, eyebrows, scars

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