FUE long hair

No prior shaving, therefore immediate aesthetic gain
Longer, more difficult and more expensive procedure


Almost invisible sampling in the donor area, great discretion in the grafted area...

The patient can appreciate the final result after the transplant.

Up to 2500 grafts in one session, and more over 2 days

All hair types : thin or thick, light or dark. 


Extraction of long hair grafts with a motorized punch  : over the entire donor area, which avoids concentrating the harvest too much on a window of the donor area, as in the case of partial shaving FUE.

Donor area after extraction ( NHT Europe, Avignon, France )


Implantation of grafts  : with implanters, or classically with incisions and placement.

Only a few clinics offer this technique (more difficult than FUE with shaving), because it requires experienced teams.



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